Puna Yanima, Courtesy of Koskela

Landmark ‘Walma/Moon Rise’ Exhibition on Now

A bold display of 24 black-and-white works by 15 Indigenous Australian artists will go on exhibit at Koskela in Sydney this weekend.

Elle Murrell
25th of July 2017

Koskela’s first Indigenous group show, ‘Walma / Moon Rise’ opens on Saturday July 29th , with a special event on August 9th coinciding with International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

This landmark exhibition brings together 24 captivating black-and-white works by 15 Indigenous Australian artists, revealing the diverse, dynamic state of contemporary Indigenous art today. The show’s monochrome criterion sees forms, structures and symbols emphasised, highlighting ‘the lines of country and designs of culture’.

The showcase takes its name from Walma, a Yolngu word meaning ‘to emerge’ or ‘rise’, particularly in relation to the sun and moon, exemplifying the confidence and optimism within the current generation of Indigenous artists, and their continuation of the world’s oldest living culture.

A diverse collection of paintings, prints, sculpture, photography, fibre work and video from eight remote art centres can be viewed alongside pieces by the likes of Penny Evans (Northern Rivers, NSW), Brian Robinson (Torres-Strait Islands, QLD) and James Tylor (VIC).

‘We’ve been working with Indigenous artists for nearly nine years now and I’m constantly amazed by the creativity and diversity of their art practices,’ said Koskela co-founder Sasha Titchkosk. ‘It’s really exciting to be able to showcase the breadth of this talent and to challenge some of the preconceptions of what constitutes contemporary Australian Indigenous art.’

Walma/Moon Rise’ Group Exhibition
July 29th to August 27th 2017
Koskela Gallery
1/85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery, Sydney.

For more information on participating artists visit the Koskela website, here.

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