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Australia's Path To Renewable Energy, With Momentum Energy’s Lisa Chiba

When we ditch fossil fuels, where will we get our energy from instead? And what’s really driving the challenges of the grid? Momentum Energy’s Lisa Chiba breaks down some of these questions and explains Australia’s pathway to a future with greener energy!

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Making Melbourne The World’s First ‘Self-Sufficient’ City, With Consultant Will Young

Could Melbourne become a self-sufficient city with its own energy by 2030? Environmental engineering consultancy Finding Infinity’s ambitious project ‘A New Normal’ is hoping to turn this vision into a reality, and the organisation’s Will Young joins us in this episode to share how!

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How To Improve Australia’s Poorly-Built Houses, With Energy Advisor Tim Forcey

Hear chemical engineer turned energy advisor Tim Forcey’s practical advice for making your home more energy efficient, for the benefit of the environment, your health and your finances.

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The Future of Sustainable Housing, With Architect Jeremy McLeod

To kick off our new mini-series on sustainability, leading architect Jeremy joins us to talk about the challenges of the housing market, his tips for first-home buyers, and how sustainability and affordability can co-exist!

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Restoring A Heritage Homestead, With Josh And Jenna Densten

We speak to former The Block contestants and serial renovators Josh and Jenna who reveal the challenges behind the restoration of their magnificent heritage homestead! Hear how they found the home on Facebook marketplace, the ‘ridiculous’ costs of construction, and their all their renovating advice.

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Expert Advice From A Seasoned Renovator, With Interior Designer Leigh Ellwood

Leigh Ellwood is an interior designer and expert renovator behind some of the most special homes that have featured on TDF. Having completed 10 renovation projects in the last 24 years, safe to say she knows a thing or two about renovating!

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How To Renovate On A Budget, With Interior Designer Jono Fleming

In this episode of our renovating series, we chat with interior designer Jono Fleming to hear how he recently transformed a 1980s suburban home using budget-friendly hacks at every turn!

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Lessons From A DIY Renovator, With TDF's Art Director Annie Portelli

In the first episode of our new 4-part series on renovating, host Lucy Feagins chats with art director, Annie Portelli about her massive DIY-home renovation. Annie shares how she ‘accidentally’ fell into renovating her Melbourne home, and what she would do differently if she had her time over again.

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