Artist's impression - Courtesy of GOMA.

James Turrell Transforms The Facade Of Brisbane's GOMA

Do you remember what you did for your 10th birthday party? Chances are, you didn’t have a world-famous artist create a custom piece for you.

Ashley Simonetto
5th of April 2018

Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art has enlisted internationally acclaimed artist James Turrell to create a major architectural light installation to transform the gallery facade to celebrate their 10th birthday.

The celebrated American artist is renowned for his work with light and space, in a career that has spanned over five decades. From site-specific work on Naoshima Island in Japan, to an installation in an extinct volcano in Arizona he’s been working on since 1974, James Turrell’s work can be found in the most prestigious art contexts around the world. Most recently, in Australia, he has contributed four new major works to Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art.

James Turrell’s work with GOMA will see ‘an ever-evolving pattern of intensifying and diffusing coloured light’, says GOMA’s director Chris Seines, adding that the commission will ‘transform the way local, interstate and international audiences experience the building at night.’

Edit: since the time of publication GOMA have postponed the launch of this artwork until a later date. We will continue to update when further information becomes available. 

Stanley Place, Cultural Precinct


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