Image – courtesy of Dowel Jones.

Try Your Luck At Dowel Jones' 'Lucky Dip'

An interactive exhibition of objects and furniture, like you have never experienced before, comes to Collingwood.

Ashley Simonetto
15th of August 2018

Remember your primary school fete? Diving an arm into a haphazardly clag-and-coloured-paper-plastered box, fumbling around, and hoping to resurface with the coolest lucky-dip prize imaginable (some glam lolly jewellery, obviously). Vivid memories.

A forthcoming exhibition at Lamington Drive in Collingwood is tapping into that very same buzz, but seriously upping the prize pool… and the presentation!

Lucky Dip by Dowel Jones draws inspiration from $2 and reject shops to create a series of brand new gift shop objects. The objects – pieces designed exclusively for the show, collaborations with other local creatives, and classics from the Dowel Jones range – will be concealed within ‘a sea of boxes that could contain anything from a chopping board to a table’.

Through this show, the Melbourne design duo continues to explore the construction and context of space as an integral part of how object design is experienced. And so, as you enter ‘the store’, a series of prints that depict ‘imagined spaces with one foot in the familiar and the other in new territory’ will also be available for purchase.

Stop by and try your luck!

Lucky Dip by Dowel Jones
Sign up and opening reception
Wednesday, August 22nd, 6–9pm
Lamington Drive

52 Budd Street
Collingwood, Victoria

August 23rd to September 15th

Prize unveiling and collection 

Saturday, September 15th 15, 2.30—4.30pm

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