Image – 'Haggler' by Luciana Smith

Walking The Streets Of Florence With Luciana Smith

The emerging artist captures everyday moments of living in Italy in her solo show, ‘Slow Walk’, in Sydney.

Sally Tabart
9th of January 2019

Saint Cloche is one of our favourite independent galleries in Sydney, and tonight their opening their first show of the year! Emerging artist Luciana Smith presents her exhibition, Slow Walk, a series of bright, painterly works that offer a window into the artist’s observations of life in Italy.

After spending six months living in Florence, Luciana found her subject matter for the exhibition on daily walks around the Santa Croce area near the Duomo and Sant’Ambrogio Markets where she lived and worked. Luciana’s works in Slow Walk feel simultaneously intimate and voyeuristic, capturing quiet moments in day-to-day life. It’s the man sitting alone at the cafe you can’t help but watch for a few minutes, and the fresh laundry hanging on clotheslines below shuttered windows.

Painting in acrylic on canvas, from photos taken on her phone, Luciana suspends these seemingly mundane observations in time, combining them to create an exquisite cultural patchwork of her surrounds and the characters within.

Slow Walk by Luciana Smith
January 9th – 20th 
Opening Wednesday, January 9th, 6pm-8pm 
Saint Cloche 
37 MacDonald Street
Paddington, Sydney 

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