Cheese experts Ellie and Sam Studd have written their first book.

The book is the ultimate guide to buying, storing, pairing, cooking, and tasting cheese.

Pre-order The Best Things in Life are Cheese now!

Cheese Experts Ellie + Sam Studd Release A Delicious New Book!

The Best Things in Life are Cheese is the ultimate guide to buying, storing, pairing, cooking, and tasting cheese.

Amelia Barnes
26th of October 2023

We all love cheese, but no one is quite as passionate about it as Ellie and Sam Studd, the youngest children of cheese expert and supplier Will Studd.

The Studd siblings are about to release their first book, The Best Things in Life are Cheese — a comprehensive guide to buying, storing, pairing, and tasting cheese — out October 31.

Ellie says the book was written for ‘cheese-curious folk who are keen to learn more about cheese, as well as the already cheese-obsessed people out there.’ She explains, ‘We felt there weren’t many fun, sexy or engaging cheese books on the shelves, so we wanted to write into that space.’

The book features sections on cheese essentials, followed by tasting profiles, and 70 recipes to apply your newfound knowledge.

Ellie describes the writing process as ‘amazing, proud and somewhat vulnerable.’

‘We didn’t realise the extent of our knowledge until we started writing, and once we began, we were like a shaken-up bottle of Champagne frothing over uncontrollably!

‘We had to sit down with our publishers to really zoom in on the essential, juicy parts of cheese so as not to overwhelm our readers. The quote on our cover sums it up pretty well: “A delicious, but incomplete guide to cheese!” You just can’t squeeze all that information in between two covers.’

Sam adds, ‘Ellie and I were born into the cheese world, so unpacking the wealth of knowledge we’d acquired over the years was deeply fascinating. I’m certainly not saying it was easy (it was a lot of bloody work), but it did reiterate to me just how spellbinding the intricate world of cheese is.’

Ellie and Sam hope people finish the book with a whole new appreciation of cheese, from how it’s made, to the complexity of its flavour.

‘One of our missions in this life, and part of the reason for writing this book, is to showcase the phenomenal and interesting world of cheese. Unfortunately, artisanal and raw milk cheesemaking are threatened traditions that need our urgent help,’ Ellie says.

‘We aim to inspire people to understand and get around good, non-industrially made cheese, so future generations can enjoy this beautiful, ancient and nutrient-rich source of dairy.’

Ellie’s top four cheese tips

1. Take your cheese out of the fridge two hours before serving.

2.  Store your cheese in cheese paper, and pop it in a container or ziplock bag in the vegetable crisper of your fridge.

3. Good cheese is expensive, but still less than a bottle of wine.

4. Arrange your cheeseboard from mild to wild.

Pre-order The Best Things in Life are Cheese by Ellie and Sam Studd published by Plum/Pan Macmillan Australia, RRP $44.99.

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