20 Of The Best Sculptural Table Lamps To Suit Any Style!

The secret ingredient – or, at least, one of them – to an expertly finished interior is lighting (in all its forms!). Table lamps in particular are a must, for they offer both function (light), and form.

Our interiors columnist Lauren Li has rounded up the best sculptural lamps to shop now. Here she looks at organic, tailored, pared-back and artistic styles to suit every home and budget. Take a look below!

Lauren Li
Lauren Li
7th of March 2023

I am not the first interior designer to advocate that lighting is a must when it comes to creating a beautiful ambience in the home.

However, lamps are often overlooked, and if you are sitting in a room right now without any lamps, that makes me really sad for you. We tend to want to focus on the sofa, armchairs and rug, maybe some art here and there and voila! We think the space is ‘done’. However adding a final layer of lamp lighting and décor helps to create a home that feels like ‘you’. When you’re able to express yourself in your home, it feels wildly fulfilling and makes you feel happy. Lamps can help us get those feels and I want that for you!

I believe in lamps so strongly that I would argue we should even add them to the ‘splurge list’. An incredible lamp instantly elevates the space – when placed next to the most simple of sofas, a cool lamp instantly adds a cool personal touch to the room.

And the best thing is; lamps are so simple! There’s no need for structural changes, electricians, and no paintbrushes required.

Here, we’re looking at lamps that provide a beautiful ambience, rather than serve a specific lighting function such as a task light for reading. But, before we go out and splurge, we need to define what our style is. Then, we can find the most perfect lamp for you.

If you’re not sure of your style, I’ve gathered together some lamps in the following categories; organic, tailored, art and pared-back.

You might like to look your wardrobe, think about the way you want to live, or gather images on your Pinterest boards to figure out which style you are drawn to. It may be helpful to take a photo of your space, so that you can keep it in mind when you’re considering what will work.

Also, it’s ok if you don’t have a label for your style, as it’s also fun to simply use your intuition! Go with the lamp that ‘speaks’ to you.


A space that’s earthy and natural helps you feel calm and relaxed. If this is your style, look for lamps that are rounded and inspired by nature. Colour tones should be soft and neutral so that the lamp adds a quiet statement to the space. Here are some options:

1. Huron Lamp by Calyer. Another beautiful lamp by Michelle, hand-thrown on the wheel.

2. Totem lamp by Alana Crosby. Alana creates sculptural ceramic lighting and objects whilst currently working full-time as a designer at YSG Studio.

3. Terra Lamp by Ceramicah. With its thoughtful proportions and earthy finish, this lamp subtly adds texture to any space while giving off a downcast glow.

4. Graham and Mini Dupont by Calyer. Michelle McLaughlin is a ceramic artist working in Brooklyn, New York. She creates one-of-a kind lamps thrown on the wheel and assembled by hand.

5. Arum Floor Lamp from Ferm Living. The solid travertine base paired with an asymmetrical shade make this floor lamp feel soft and yet characterful.


If your vibe is chic and classic, a tailored lamp will add elegance to your space with its clean shapes and perfect proportions. This sort of lamp is the ‘best supporting act’ to the rest of your cast of furniture pieces. A simple, elegant lamp that quietly elevates, yet doesn’t overwhelm the space. Try these options!

1. Cooper lamp in bone from Milk & Sugar. Perfectly simple with attention to texture – the ceramic ribbed base is reminiscent of classical columns that pairs effortlessly with a linen shade.

2. Ligne Rose Sitar table lamp from DOMO. A classic black table lamp with a curved shade and low profile perfectly fits the bill for a more ‘tailored’ style.

3. Gravity table lamp from Gubi. Another lamp that pairs a traditional shade with a modern base for the perfect tailored look.

4. Horizon floor lamp from Milk & Sugar.  A wooden veneer pole that meets a brass base is perfectly classic and the shade immensely practical for reading on the sofa.

5. Chiappo table lamp from Freedom. A lamp like the Chiappo is a chameleon – it just blends well into any room whilst providing a lovely moody ambience.


Lamps are a gateway to art. If you’re not quite ready to start investing in original wall art, then a lamp created by an artist could be a stepping stone in that direction! It’s a one-of-a-kind piece, that also has a function!

A lamp as a functional piece of art is both a sculptural object in the space, and in the evening, provides mood and ambience to a room.

We’re not looking for machine-made perfection here; it’s all about seeing evidence that someone has thoughtfully created this lamp with human hands, and no two are exactly the same. There’s an energy that is embedded in an object that has had time (and love) invested in making it.

1. & 3. The Aurora Collection by Jan Vogelpoel + Retro Print Revival. Each lamp base has been hand-built into a striking, tactile sculpture by ceramic sculptor Jan Vogelpoel. They are perfectly paired with luxurious lampshades by lamp designer Tamara Watts of Retro Print Revival.

2. Tera Lamp by Ceramicah. Partners in work and life, Micah and Alexandra founded Ceramicah, a Los Angeles ceramics studio. Each Ceramicah piece special and unique.

4. Bright Things by Jordan Fleming. Jordan is a Melbourne is based designer who explores materials through her use of sculpting plaster and pigments. Her ‘wonky asymmetrical’ pieces emit humour and loads of personality to any space.

Pared Back:

If a more minimal space is what speaks to you, then look for a lamp where material and perfectly simple shapes combine. Try a timber lamp, crafted to highlight the natural beauty of the grain, or paper shades in simple geometric forms that emit a beautiful warm glow.

This style is characterised by clean simple shapes, think; cones, cylinders, spheres and cubes. Here are a few great options!

1. Theo chrome lamp from McMullin & Co. This chrome lamp effortlessly blends minimalistic shapes; a cone and cylinder. Simple forms that feel fresh.

2. Hashira portable table lamp by Menu. A sweet lamp that takes its cues from Japanese paper lanterns. Its mood-enhancing design delivers ambient lighting on the go, bringing a warm glow and subtle tactility to spaces indoors and out.

3. Tableton small gunmetal lamp by Volker Haug. The Tableton is a sculptural table lamp that is poured as a single piece of metal. It uses traditional sand-casting methods that impress textural elements into its surface, making each one unique.

4. Onu floor light by Sabu Studio. Sabu Studio was founded by Melbourne designer and maker Samuel Burns in 2020. The Onu floor light is subtle and unobtrusive within a room, yet invite intrigue and delight.

5. HAY Paper cube floor lamp. With its cute cubic shape and simple materials, this lamp from Hay is the perfect example of pared-back style.

6. Bright Beads Table Sphere by Marz Designs. A favorite with designers, Marz was founded by Coco Reynolds and her pieces merge craft practice with industrial process. Crafted from RSC Certified American oak and paired with an opal, white or clear frosted bulb.

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