2 Local Creatives Team Up To Create A Striking Collection Of Sculptural Lamps

In our humble opinion, you can never have too many lamps. And this lighting collaboration between designer Tamara Watts of Retro Print Revival and sculptural clay artist Jan Vogelpoel is one for the wish list!

The two local creatives have combined their talents in a new series of 10 limited-edition lamps. Featuring shades made from luxurious fabrics and hand-crafted bases built from white Australian clay, they’re functional pieces of art for your living room.

Christina Karras

Sculptural artist Jan Vogelpoel and Retro Print Revival designer Tamara Watts. Photo – Martina Gemmola

The Aurora Collection is live today, styled here at Little Company! Photo – Martina Gemmola

Jan crafted the incredible bases out of white Australian clay in her minimalistic style, which is perfectly complemented by Retro Print Revivals’ textural lampshades. Photo – Martina Gemmola

Featured fabrics range from textured velvets to linen and woven boucle, designed to work in ‘harmony’ with the sculptural bases. Photo – Martina Gemmola

In line with the name of the Aurora Collection (meaning a dynamic display of beautiful lights), the creative duo also named each lamp after a star! Photo – Martina Gemmola

The range features 10 lamps, in editions of three in each design. Photo – Martina Gemmola

They’re the perfect blend of form and function! Photo – Martina Gemmola

Photo – Martina Gemmola

Christina Karras
17th of November 2022

The spectacular lighting collaboration between Retro Print Revival’s Tamara Watts and Jan Vogelpoel was inspired by a shared love of great design, mid-century aesthetics, textiles, and art – and lamps!

Tamara Watts has been designing lamps and homewares with her local brand since 2009, while Melbourne-based sculptor Jan creates eye-catching ceramic sculptures. The local creatives have been ‘long-time’ admirers of each other’s work, so when Jan approached Tamara about working together earlier this year, the two decided to combine their mediums in unique lighting collaboration.

It sparked a unique partnership and a striking range of 10 lamps they’ve named the Aurora Collection, with only three of each style available.

‘We are both passionate about interiors and styling and felt Australia would appreciate a collection of bold statement lamps, that are beautifully crafted and considered,’ Tamara says.

‘We wanted to go a little larger than usual and create sculptural lamps that hold an ethereal presence in any space, effortlessly reflecting connection, fluidity and light,’ Jan adds.

The sculptural lamp bases are built from a warm white Australian clay, which gives a raw and tactile finish once fired, recalling the magical textures of sandstone cliffs or ancient artefacts. Jan’s craftsmanship is recognisable in the detailed, visual cues of her minimalistic carvings and fluid forms of the pieces, complemented by Retro Print Revivals’ luxurious lampshades.

They feature a range of fabrics, from textured velvets to linen and woven boucle, in beautiful earthy tones of tones of rust, white and ochre.

‘We also named each lamp after a star,’ Tamara reveals.

Shop the collection here.

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