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TDF Collect Presents: ‘Little By Little’ By Ash Leslie

Australia is full of talented artists, but someone who’s really captured our hearts in the last few years is Ash Leslie.

The self-taught artist is based on the south coast of Sydney, where she translates the magic of the natural world into her layered abstract paintings. And we couldn’t be more excited to spotlight her work in our next TDF Collect exhibition!

Featuring 22 beautiful framed paintings and one textile hanging, her collection Little By Little’ will be on show in our Melbourne gallery from May 2.

And pre-sales are open right now! Explore the full catalogue here and email to purchase.

Christina Karras

Artist Ash Leslie.

The self-taught artist has been working on the collection for the past year from her home in Sydney’s south coast.

‘These works were completed in moments where I wanted to be a little bit more free and release a bit of creative energy,’ Ash says, often working outside on the deck or experimenting beside her two young daughters.

The exhibition features both large-scale paintings and smaller canvases.

‘Unexpected Revelations’, 70cm x 85cm, Acrylic on canvas framed in oak. $2,800

‘Burning The Candle’, 40cm x 50cm, Acrylic on canvas, framed in oak. $1,200

‘I’d say each painting is inspired by the medium of paint itself, in that I have taken a more experimental approach than usual,’ Ash says.

‘Little Pictures’, 21cm x 26cm, Acrylic on canvas framed in scribbly gum. $880.
‘Details In Dirt’, 21cm x 26cm Acrylic on canvas collage, framed in scribbly gum. $880
‘Falling Into Place’, 21cm x 26cm Acrylic on canvas collage, framed in scribbly gum. $880
‘Time To Think’, 21cm x 26cmAcrylic on canvas, framed in scribbly gum. $880


There’s also a fabric installation that features a series of paintings on textile that Ash has sewn together.

Ash at work.

‘Patterns Of Behaviour’, 21cm x 26cm Acrylic on canvas collage, framed in scribbly gum. $880
‘The Early Bird’, 21cm x 26cm Acrylic on canvas collage, framed in scribbly gum. $880
‘From A Sapling’, 21cm x 26cmAcrylic on canvas, framed in scribbly gum. $880
‘Beginning To End’, 21cm x 26cm Acrylic on canvas collage, framed in scribbly gum. $880


Christina Karras
15th of April 2024

 Ash Leslie is one of those talented artists whose emotive abstract paintings resonate with everyone in different ways.

For almost a decade, the former graphic designer worked in creative roles across various industries while practising art on the side. It wasn’t until she was on maternity leave in 2018 after the birth of her first daughter that she started sharing her paintings to social media, and decided to follow her life-long aspiration of becoming a full-time artist.

Since then, she’s garnered a reputation for her layered brushwork and soft, earthy colour palette that channels the beauty of nature.

Her work has featured in a range of exhibitions around New South Wales and Melbourne, and we’re thrilled to be hosting her new solo showLittle By Little’!

Ash says this collection of 23 pieces was produced in ‘small moments’ throughout the last year, where she challenged herself to lean into the slow process of art making.

‘I struggle with delayed gratification,’ she adds. ‘Recently I’ve tried to change my approach, to see progress not as something that is achieved through hustle, stress and adrenaline but with just a little bit of meaningful work each day.’

‘This phrase “little by little” is often something I say to myself when I feel frustrated and also refers to the way my little people — my daughters, who are five and two — approach painting with a playful freedom that I find inspiring.’

All of the canvases are made up of lots of smaller marks layered together to create a bigger picture, with titles like ‘From A Sapling’ and ‘Salty Haze’ nodding to the landscapes that inspired the piece. With many of the works, Ash experimented with some new methods, using masking with tape, spray painting, or pouring paint in the process, while the installation is like a collage, made up of many paintings on fabric sewn together. It’s all these unexpected details that make these works undeniably special!

You can now view the full catalogue here. To purchase a piece from collection, email, and we’d love to see you at the exhibition’s opening night drinks on Thursday May 2nd!

‘Little By Little’

TDF Collect
14 Little Oxford Street
Collingwood, VIC

Opening night:
Thursday 2 May, 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Exhibition dates:
Friday May 3, 10am – 4pm
Saturday May 4, 10am – 4pm
Sunday, CLOSED
Monday May 6, 10am – 4pm
Tuesday May 7, 10am – 4pm

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