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TDF Collect Presents: ‘Martumili Artists’

Remember the TDF Collect exhibition we hosted last year in partnership with the brilliant Martumili Artists? Well, we’ve teamed up again with them for round two!

The art centre is based in Newman/Parnpajinya, Western Australia, and was established by the Martu people living in the communities of Parnpajinya, Jigalong, Parnngurr, Punmu, Kunawarritji, Irrungadji and Warralong of the East Pilbara deserts region.

We’re so excited to share the Martumili artists’ rich and vibrant works once again in our Collingwood gallery from July 29 – August 3, and you can the view the catalogue online here and purchase the artworks by emailing from today!

Christina Karras

‘Untitled’ by Ngamaru Bidu. 61cm x 91cm. ($2139.50)

‘Wantili (Warntili, Canning Stock Route Well 25)’ by Ngamaru Bidu. 46cm x 61cm. ($1078)

Artist Ngamaru Bidu. Photo – Martumili Artists

Lorna Linmurra. Photo – Bee Elton

‘Rockhole’ by Lorna Linmurra. 76cm x 152cm. ($2541)

Bugai Whyoulter works on a painting. Photo – Michelle Troop

‘Wantili 1 (Warntili, Canning Stock Route Well 25)’ by Bugai Whyoulter. 61cm x 91cm. ($2442)

‘Wantili 2 (Warntili, Canning Stock Route Well 25)’ by Bugai Whyoulter. 61cm x 91cm. ($2442)

Doreen Chapman (left) May Mayiwalku (May Wokka) Chapman (right).

‘Untitled’ by May Mayiwalku (May Wokka) Chapman. 61cm x 91cm. ($2139.50)

‘Ngarntawanu’ by Nancy Nyanjilpayi (Ngarnjapayi) Chapman. 46cm x 76cm. ($1347.50)
‘Burnt Country (Nyurnma)’ by Jenny Butt. 61cm x 91cm. ($979)
‘Kunawarritji Rockholes’ by Pauline Williams. 61cm x 91cm. ($1100)

Lily Long. Photo – Bee Elton

‘Untitled’ by Lily Long. 61cm x 91cm. ($1463)

Artist Corban Clause Williams. Photo – Zoe Martyn

‘Kaalpa (Kalypa, Canning Stock Route Well 23)’ by Corban Clause Williams. 61cm x 91cm. ($1831.50)

‘Kulyakartu’ by Wilson Mandaijalu. 36cm x 76cm. ($545)

‘Untitled’ by Wilson Mandaijalu. 76cm x 122cm. ($2040.50)

‘Kulyakartu’ by Muuki Taylor. 61cm x 91cm. ($2139.50)

Artist Muuki Taylor. Photo – Martumili Artists

Christina Karras
11th of July 2023

The Martumili Artists and their families are the traditional owners of East Pilbara region’s vast stretches of desert lands, home to the Parnpajinya, Jigalong, Parnngurr, Punmu, Kunawarritji, Irrungadji and Warralong communities.

But since 2006, a lot of these artists have been creating from the Martumili Artists centre in Newman, 12 hours from Perth. And this month we’re honoured to be sharing their paintings in our new TDF Collect exhibition!

The show features 16 artworks by 13 different artists, who as a collective have been gaining recognition both in Australia and worldwide for their diverse, energetic, and unmediated painting styles.

Each artist’s work is unique, often reflecting the dramatic geography and personal stories from their homelands across the Great Sandy Desert and Rudall River/Karlamilyi regions of Western Australia.

Among these is ‘Untitled’ by Ngamaru Bidu as a rendition of her Country/’ngurra’. The artwork capturing the striking salt lakes, dominant permanent red tali (sandhills), warta (trees, vegetation) that she and her family encountered in the pujiman (traditional, desert dwelling) era.

Other captivating pieces include Corban Clause Williams’ ‘Kaalpa (Kalypa, Canning Stock Route Well 23)’ — a multi-coloured painting with rich tones, depicting his grandfather’s Country — and two of Bugai Whyoulter’s distinctive artworks, where layers of dots built up to create vibrant landscapes.

The collection and all of its colours are even more beautiful in person, so if you’re in Melbourne, come see them for yourself in our gallery from Saturday July 29.

But for now, pre-sales for this show have officially opened! You can see a complete list of all available works at our TDF Collect website here and email to secure it. Get in quick!

‘Martumili Artists’

TDF Collect Gallery
14 Little Oxford Street
Collingwood, VIC

Exhibition dates:
Saturday July 29, 10am – 5pm
Sunday July 30, 11am – 4pm
Monday July 31, CLOSED
Tuesday August 1, 10am – 4pm
Wednesday August 2, 10am – 4pm
Thursday August 3, 10am – 4pm

TDF Collect exhibitions are generously supported by Dulux, Bodriggy, Minimum Wines and TINA.

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