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10 Australian Photographers Who Sell Beautiful Prints

There’s something transportive about a gorgeous photographic print.

Whether it’s a snapshot of an Italian beach you’ve always dreamed of visiting, a natural landscape filled with memory, or a still-life image, we love how photography captures the ‘feeling’ of a moment in time.

If you’ve been looking for a new print for your home, here are some of our favourite Australian photographers who sell prints of their work!

Christina Karras

Tapað Og Fundið by Jessica Tremp.

Photo by Jessica Tremp.

Ischia Red And Green Umbrella by Jessica Tremp.

Jessica Tremp

Melbourne-based artist and photographer Jessica Tremp has a beautifully nostalgic quality to her images, that carries from her portfolio and into her wedding photography as Brown Paper Parcel.

In addition to the human form and the human psyche, travel is another one of her ‘forever muses’. Her prints feature beautiful captures of idyllic spots along the Mediterranean — from a dreamy taverna on the Greek islands and the red umbrellas on a beach in Ischia.

Price range: $160 – $1300

Shop Jessica Tremp’s work here

Apricot tart by by Jessica Grilli.

There she is, under the tree by by Jessica Grilli.

Halva shopping, (Tel Abib, Tel Aviv) by Jessica Grilli.

Touch of frost, 1 by by Jessica Grilli.

Jessica Grilli

When Jessica Grilli is not booked and busy photographing weddings, she spends time in nature looking for the beauty in what she calls the ‘quiet and uncelebrated moments’ of everyday life that she’s turned into ephemeral prints.

You’ll fall in love with her soft landscape photography and the way she plays with light to freeze these passing moments in time.

Price range: $150 – $350

Shop Jessica Grilli’s work here

Gallaratese by Derek Swalwell.

Calpe by Derek Swalwell.

Left: Farnsworth by Derek Swalwell.

Right: Gallaratese 5 by Derek Swalwell.

Derek Swalwell

Derek Swalwell is a Melbourne-based photographer who’s a big name within the architectural landscape in Australia — and beyond. He documents some of the world’s most iconic built environments with a sense of grandeur and realism. Having travelled the world many times in his decades-long career, his extensive print range features everything from mid-century gems in America to the work of revered Spanish Architect Ricardo Bofill.

Price range: $450 – $4850

Shop Derek Swalwell’s work here

Topsy Turvy by Nicole Nelius.

Glass Cherry by Nicole Nelius.

Melon on blue by Nicole Nelius.

Hermie by Nicole Nelius.

Nicole Nelius

Initially an interior and still-life stylist, New South Wales-based artist Nicole Nelius’ practice now extends to painting and photography.

Drawing on her styling experience, she shines a spotlight on organic objects found in nature, using everything from fruits to flowers and shells to create quirky and playful compositions that are full of character!

Price range: $290 – $1320

Shop Nicole Nelius’ work here

Byron Bay Salt Haze by Kara Rosenlund

Edith by Kara Rosenlund.

Bridle Track by Kara Rosenlund.

Dividing Range by Kara Rosenlund.

Kara Rosenlund

Kara Rosenlund is a renowned fine art photographer with her own photographic print shop and lifestyle brand.

Not only does she have a talent for capturing the allure of Australia’s iconic beach and bushlands, but she’s travelled far and wide with her camera, and her snapshots provide a glimpse into life in incredible destinations like South Africa and Patagonia — just to name a few.

Price range: $120 – $3840

Shop Kara Rosenlund’s work here

The Red Room by Dave Kulesza.

Left: Changgwang Diving Board by Dave Kulesza. Right: Yoyogi Fangirls by Dave Kulesza.

Dave Kulesza

Melbourne photographer Dave Kulesza’s work is all about exploring the nostalgia of architecture.

He frequently captures new projects around the country and his limited edition art prints focus on telling the unique stories behind buildings in North Korea and the streets of Japan. Using symmetry and a bit of imagination, he turns these historic buildings into truly cinematic locations, and he’s even compiled them into two books!

Price range: $500 – $7500

Shop Dave Kulesza’s work here

Punta Bianca by Tom Hvala.

Bialetti by Tom Hvala.

Cala Capreria by Tom Hvala.

Fratelli Burgio by Tom Hvala.

Tom Hvala

Photographer Tom Hvala takes the opportunity to shoot film photography whenever he gets the chance to travel and explore new places.

In honing his (already excellent) eye for framing, colour, and natural light, he creates intimate images that he also offers up as contemplative prints. And his recent series, Molto Bene is filled with pictures that would make a great addition to any room.

Price range: $600 – $1000

Shop Tom Hvala’s work here

Flock on the Lake by Nikole Ramsay.

Pink Lake by Nikole Ramsay.

Beneath The Surface by Nikole Ramsay.

Sense of Place by Nikole Ramsay.

Nikole Ramsay

You might recognise Nikole Ramsay’s name from the many shoots of hers we’ve featured here on TDF, and her work has appeared in some of Australia’s most loved lifestyle titles.

But living on the Bellarine Peninsula surrounded by Victoria’s best beaches, Nikole is also passionate about nature. That’s why she’s turned her lens on the ocean time and time again for her extensive range of prints, which includes some pretty impressive underwater images.

Price range: $280 – $2650

Shop Nikole Ramsay’s work here

Honeymoon by Kate Shanasy.

Groove by Kate Shanasy.

Granitas by Kate Shanasy.

Zest by Kate Shanasy.

Kate Shanasay

For Kate Shanasay, there’s nowhere more relaxing or magical than a beach.

The freelance photographer is an expert at capturing magical beach scenes, be that a sunrise shot of a rocky coastline along Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula or more recently, Italian nonnas lying by the beach in northern Sicily. If you’re already missing the warmth of summer, her collection will have you longing for stint in Europe!

Price range: $350 – $2400

Shop Kate Shanasay’s work here

Boys Of Summer by Anna Pihan.

Chateau by Anna Pihan.

Piscina Blu by Anna Pihan.

Palm Oasis by Anna Pihan.

Anna Pihan

The feeling of long summer days, an inviting vacant chair, and glistening blue waters all come to life in photographer Anna Pihan’s work.

Tapping into our universal love of armchair travel, Anna’s prints embody ‘the pleasure of being somewhere else’ with a unique eye for the aesthetic details that completely transport you into their setting. If you don’t have any holidays coming up, having a print of the French Riviera or a clay tennis court in Morocco might be the next best thing.

Price range: $165 – $895

Shop Anna Pihan’s work here

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