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FEARON’s bold and playful furniture has been a cult-favourite in the Australian design scene ever since they launched in 2019.

It all started when tradie brothers Jack and Mark Fearon made a stool out of their aluminium off-cuts found in their warehouse. What they came up with was ‘The Chub’ – a curvy, colourful seat which has since featured in everything from Zoe-Foster Blake’s Internet-famous home, to the many, many beautiful homes right here on TDF!

The duo have recently expanded their collection to playful drawers, bed frames and coffee tables, and we’re already adding them to our wishlists.

Christina Karras

Recognise these chunky, chubby pieces from your Instagram feeds? It’s the work of FEARON, an Australian-based design and fabrication company! Photo – Philip Huynh

FEARON co-founders and brothers, Jack and Mark Fearon. Photo – Philip Huynh

The tradies-turned-furniture designers fabricate each piece themselves in their local warehouse. Photo – Philip Huynh

A chub piece in the works. Photo – Philip Huynh

Their colourful range extends to 12 colours for the popular The Chub stool alone. Photo – Philip Huynh

Almost all the pieces are made from sturdy aluminium, which is then powder-coated. Photo – Philip Huynh

Pippy’s Drawers is one of FEARON’s newer pieces. Photo – Philip Huynh

The handles are also customisable, coming in an irregular or rectangular shapes. Photo – Philip Huynh

The Martyna table. Photo – Philip Huynh

FEARON’s playful shapes and colours has won the attention of design lovers online. Photo – Philip Huynh

The Breeze console table. Photo – Philip Huynh

And of course, the original Chub! Photo – Philip Huynh

Christina Karras
25th of January 2023

Sometimes the best ideas come up in the most round about ways. Just ask the tradie brothers behind FEARON.

Jack Fearon, who’s originally a plumber, and his brother Mark, a boiler maker and welder, had just opened their own fabrication business in 2019 when they designed their first piece of furniture.

‘We were making lots of different things out of metal: staircases, large-scale windows, custom tables and doors,’ Jack says. ‘There were some off cuts from a tank in our warehouse and I decided to make a sample stool that we later called “The Chub”. I showed it to my friend Pip (who owns Curated Spaces), and she said she’d put them on her website to sell. And luckily, it popped off.’

The curvy, sculptural piece quickly became a must-have for any fans of chunky furniture, and the brand’s distinctive bright colour range – offering 12 options including bold yellow, to cobalt blue and bright red –  garnered plenty of love online too.

FEARON’s rising success encourage the duo to expand their fabrication business to designing their own functional and fun aluminium objects. ‘The Chub’ has since evolved into a larger collection of coffee tables and consoles in the same playful silhouette. Now, Mark leads the fabrication side of the business, while Jack handles ‘the rest’. But they both design and create each piece by hand right here in Australia.

‘The main material we use is aluminium,’ Jack notes. ‘Not only because it’s light but also because it’s so durable and recyclable, and we’d like these pieces to be handed down through people’s families and friends. Or even better – see them become antiques one day.’

Some of their latest pieces include the multi-colour ‘Drew’s Drawers’, which were made for Jack’s daughter and feature a playful smiley face on the front. Plus, there’s a similarly cheeky set of drawers with rugged handles, and a sleek, geometric bed frame.

Jack says there’s more new designs in the works, with FEARON’s playful take on lights, desks and rocking chairs coming soon. And we have a feeling we’re going to love them!

Shop FEARON’s new online store here.

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