11 Mirrors That Are Having A Moment!

Ever noticed how the humble mirror used to be a sort of ‘invisible’ thing, relegated mainly to the inside of your wardrobe, or the back of your bedroom door, whereas NOW, you’ll often spot a distinctive mirror as the focal point of a beautifully styled interior? Selfie culture has thrust this often overlooked, but essential piece of home decor into the spotlight – and we’re here for it!

A mirror makes a wonderful, versatile addition to any home. As well as creating the illusion of more space, with strategic placing, the right mirror can also bring the outdoors in, enhance natural light and ambience, or even act as their own artwork.

There are so many good mirrors out there right now, at various pricepoints – here, Lauren Li shares her current faves , to take your space to the next level!

Lauren Li

Photo – Caitlin Mills for The Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli.

Photo – Amelia Stanwix for The Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli

Photo – Eve Wilson for The Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli.

Photo – Eve Wilson for The Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli.

Photo – Eve Wilson for The Design Files.

Lauren Li
29th of July 2021

I’m not here to tell you that mirrors are such great additions in a room because they reflect a lovely view, bounce light and can make a room appear bigger. I think we have heard that all before, right?

There is however, something to be said for the versatility and timelessness of mirrors. Plus they are two-dimensional and three-dimensional at the same time. If you already have artwork adorning the walls, then a mirror is just the right thing to mix it up a little – the great thing about adding a mirror is that, unlike artwork, we don’t have to think about if the colours will ‘clash’ in the space.

When selecting a mirror the most important thing to consider is the scale, shape and frame. Here are some tips:

Well hung

Who wants seven years bad luck? Not me. Don’t risk it when it comes to hanging a mirror. Make sure that you are using the correct fixing to suit the wall type, is it a plaster wall or masonry? Maybe the sticky hooks aren’t such a good idea this time! For a heavy mirror it’s well worth calling in the professional art hanger. They may not be as expensive as you think and well worth saving the headache.


Mirrors are so versatile, they can be moved around to the entry, hallway, living room, bedroom etc. and they are guaranteed to work. When considering the placement of the mirror, check that it’s reflecting a view that you want to see. Is it a view of the trees, or the neighbours clothesline? Test it out first.

When hanging a mirror on the wall it’s important to not hang it too high so that it chops the viewers face refection in half. Think about hanging at eye-level for the person experiencing the space, rather than centring to the height of the wall.

How many is too many?

Personally I find too many mirrors in a room can be a bit too much. I don’t want to keep bumping into my own reflection! Depending on the room, I would limit to two mirrors. Instead, I like combining mirrors with artwork in the room.


A large floor mirror that leans against the wall can be transformative in a room, especially when its frameless and layered over with a plants or furniture (as seen above in Josh + Jenna’s amazing dream home!). It really adds depth to a room and can make it feel larger.

The most obvious placement for a wall mirror is is over a fireplace mantle or above a console table in an entry, but incorporating a mirror into a gallery wall arrangement (especially when the shape or frame is characterful) can almost bring as much pizazz as an artwork itself!

A table mirror is a very cute way to create a ‘dressing room’ vibe when placed onto a chest of drawers or table in a bedroom.

A fabulous statement mirror injects loads of personality to a space. It could have coloured mirror glass, a convex mirror, have a funky frame, be a vintage piece or just an interesting shape that means that the fact that it’s a mirror is almost secondary.

Pond Mirror from Ferm Living.

Void mirror from Joshua Space.

Wavy Mirror from Knot Studio.

1. Ferm Living

The organic shapes of the Pond mirror series by Danish brand Ferm Living are the perfect meeting of form and function. Locally you can buy this brand at Design Stuff!

RRP from $559. Find it here

2. Joshua Space

No two mirrors are the same in these feature pieces by Joshua Space, hand-made-to-order in Melbourne by Joshua. They come in a range of groovy colours and sizes!

RRP $480 – $1280 (size dependent). Find them here

3. Knot Studio

I’m loving these wave shapes that are all the rage right now, they help break up the straight lines of a room. The Wavy mirror from Knot Studio is handcrafted from solid American Oak in Sydney.

RRP from $800. Find it here

Left to right: Torre mirror from CCSS. Staffanstorp mirror from Ikea. Mary Arch mirror from McMullin & Co.


When you need a mirror and a light at the same time, this is for you! The Torre mirror from local brand CCSS is back-lit, which is pure genius! Made in Melbourne and available in some gorgeous colours but if you need it in a custom colour, they can do it!

RRP from $2,630. Find it here

5. Ikea

The Staffanstorp wall mirror from Ikea is a great way to bring a little texture and warmth into a space, and is very budget-friendly!

RRP $49. Find it here

6. McMullin & Co

The Mary Arch mirror from McMullin & Co is a refined cane design, simple with a lovely natural edge detail. It comes in a floor mirror size too for those big open archway vibes!

RRP from $279. Find it here

Floor mirror from Douglas & Bec.

Gabriella (half) mirror from Sarah Ellison.

7. Douglas & Bec

Gorgeously, simple and elegant pieces made by Douglas & Bec in New Zealand. This floor mirror is the perfect addition to the bedroom or even an entry area.

RRP from $2166. Find it here

8. Sarah Ellison

Those 70s beachy vibes encapsulated into a mirror. How perfect.

RRP from $795. Find it here

Left to right: Iridescent mirror by Studio Roso from Fritz Hansen. Kaari mirror from Middle of Nowhere. Dawn Oval mirror from Middle of Nowhere.

9. Fritz Hansen – Studio Rosso

This iconic Danish brand may be known for design classics of the past by the likes of Arne Jacobson and Hans Wagner, but Lately Fritz Hansen have released some design classics for our time, like these printed iridescent mirrors by Studio Roso. They are are real piece of art on their own!

Find Fritz Hansen at Cult

10. Middle of Nowhere

The right amount of ‘simple’ and ‘statement’ shaped mirrors that makes Middle of Nowhere so versatile.

RRP from $248. Find them here

Brass Curve mirror from Tigmi Trading.

Argonaute French ceramic mirror from Tigmi Trading.

11. Tigmi Trading

There is something for the minimalist and the maximalist at Tigmi Trading! Each of these pieces are quietly characterful.

RRP from $260. Find them here

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