Seven Great Places To Buy Affordable, Original Art

Entering the art market is a tricky business, especially at a reasonable price point. Acquiring pieces takes time, research and, of course, cash to slowly build up a collection you love. There’s no quick fix!

Whether you’re ready to take the plunge on an investment piece, or start small, the art world can also seem really inaccessible to the initiated. Lucky for you, it’s our job to hunt the internet for this stuff! Here’s our list of galleries, online dealers and arts centres with a healthy stockroom of original artwork ranging from $250-$1,500! Hot tip: subscribe to their mailing lists for first dibs!

Sasha Gattermayr

Banda (Long Neck) by Roy Burnyila at Bula’bula Arts ($800).

Left: A pandanus bag by Julie Julibing Malibirr ($450) and a woven bottle by Janice Djupuduwuy. Right: Bark painting by JB Fisher ($230-$280).

Bula’bula Arts

Based in the Yolgnu community of Ramingining in central Arnhem land, Bula’bula is an arts centre supporting 150 artists from the town and surrounding art stations. The centre’s online store sells bark and canvas paintings depicting stories of Yolgnu culture in ochre, white clay and charcoal; as well as weavings and fibre art woven from locally harvested materials such as pandanus, sand palm and kurrajong bark stained with natural dyes made from fruits, roots and leaves.

Artists receive 50-60% of the retail sale price fo the artwork, with the remainder of profits used for operational costs.

Shop the Bula’bula online store here.

‘Fresh Light’ by Emily Gordon ($1,100), represented by Michael Reid Northern Beaches.

‘Sunshine at the Sentinel Ranges’ by Julz Beresford, represented by Michael Reid Northern Beaches.

‘Hot day, Corrimal Pool’ by Anh Nguyen ($1,500), represented by Michael Reid Northern Beaches.

‘Across the Park’ by Kate Broadfoot ($560), represented by Michael Reid Northern Beaches.

Michael Reid Northern Beaches

Formerly Michael Reid Studio Direct, the little sibling to the Sydney contemporary gallery was established in 2018 as a platform to connect emerging artists with new collectors in their price bracket.

Now known as Michael Reid Northern Beaches, the gallery represents artists such as Lucy Roleff, Katie Eraser, Meg Walters, Emily Gordon and more.

Shop the available works here or follow them on Instagram here.

Left: ‘Under the Tree‘ by Emily Besser ($550). Right: And So It Goes by Amber Stokie. Both represented by Boom Gallery.

Shine‘ by Amber Stokie ($1,400), represented by Boom Gallery.

Sun Stretch‘ by Carla McRae ($550), represented by Boom Gallery.

Boom Gallery

Boom Gallery is an art and design gallery located in Geelong, Victoria that has been running since 2011, with a strong stable of local artists, both emerging and established. Alongside its collection of original artworks are ceramics, jewellery and design objects available for purchase.

For an extra level of accessibility the gallery has partnered with Art Money to offer a no-interest lay-by option for purchases.

Shop the Boom Gallery stockroom here

‘Bird Specimen No. I/IV’ by Evi O ($600), represented by Saint Cloche.

‘Falling for You’ by Katie Daniels ($1,400), represented by Saint Cloche.

‘Range Study 1’ by Emily Imeson ($900), represented by Saint Cloche.

‘Passage’ by Justin Scivetti ($950), , represented by Saint Cloche.

Saint Cloche

The tiny, beautiful gallery in Sydney’s Paddington hosts some of the best emerging Australian artists, alongside established local talent. Expect pieces by Emily Imeson, Bec Smith, Evi O and Indivi Sutton in their constantly rotating roster of exhibiting artists.

Their stock-room is updated regularly with sculpture, ceramics and objects alongside painted works.

Shop the Saint Cloche stockroom here.

Left: ‘Your Wallpaper‘ by Giorgia Bel ($950). Middle: ‘Sand Lily‘ by Peta Petrakis ($970). Right: ‘Alister Street, a home I once lived in, now demolished like the rest of them‘ by Ella Dunn ($1,200). All represented by Sunday Salon.

Left: ‘Tropical Ploom‘ by Lucas Golding ($880). Right: ‘Untitled (Autumn), 2021‘ by Lucy Anderson ($850). Both represented by Sunday Salon.

Sunday Salon

Lily Mora erupted onto the local affordable art scene with the launch of her online dealership, Sunday Salon. With an incredible eye and an excellent line-up of new talent, the young art dealer does monthly ‘drops’ of new sculptures, paintings by emerging artists.

Sunday Salon represents sculptors and painters alike, and counts artists like Mia Boe, Lucas Golding and Ella Dunn in its lineup. The works range from $200-$4k, and for the ultimate accessible piece, Lily has also created a line of T-shirts, totes and tea towels printed with select paintings.

Browse Sunday Salon’s available artworks here.

Left: ‘Coil Basket’ by Belinda Gurriniya. Middle: ‘Wak Wak’ by Eleazer Nangukw. Right: ‘Manme’ by Dennis Rostron. All by artists at Maningrida Arts + Culture.

Maningrida Arts + Culture

Maningrida Arts + Culture is one of the most prestigious First Nations arts centres in Australia, recognised around the country and the world for the work of its incredible emerging and established artists.

If you’re lucky enough to visit the centre in North Central Arnhem Land then you can buy directly from their gallery store, but for those of us who aren’t going to the Northern Territory any time soon, the centre’s bark paintings, weavings and sculptures can be purchased online.

Peruse Maningrida’s online store here.

‘Myroodah Station 14’ by Maggie Green ($1,089).

‘Myroodah Station 12’ by Maggie Green ($1,089).

The TDF Gallery! Photo – Bri Hammond for The Design Files.

TDF Collect

Okay, okay not to toot our own horn, but TDF’s own exhibitions are a great way to buy works from local emerging artists! Held approximately every three months at TDF HQ, we’ve held solo shows with local artists Hannah Nowlan, Stephen Baker, Amanda Dziedzic, Marc Martin and more.

Most of our exhibitions get strong interest before we actually open the doors, so make sure you subscribe to our mailing list or follow our Instagram for updates. Our next exhibition is with local painter Emma Currie, and later in the year we’ll host our second show with Spinifex Hill artist, Maggie Green. Watch this space!

See past TDF Collect exhibitions here.

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