This Travel-Inspired Ceramics Collection Will Whisk You Away!

The idea of dining outdoors in close proximity with friends feels like such a distant dream right now. Even though overseas travel is off the cards for the next little while, This colourful collection of plates, cups, carafes and serving ware from Jumbled x Robert Gordon brings the magic of faraway lands to your very own dinner table!

Sasha Gattermayr

Photo –  Clancy Job. Styling – Jono Fleming.

Photo –  Clancy Job. Styling – Jono Fleming.

From left: A selection of cups, Beldi Rose plate and the Andiamo carafe. Photo –  Clancy Job. Styling – Jono Fleming.

Photo –  Clancy Job. Styling – Jono Fleming.

Photo –  Clancy Job. Styling – Jono Fleming.

Photo –  Clancy Job. Styling – Jono Fleming.

Photo –  Clancy Job. Styling – Jono Fleming.

Photo –  Clancy Job. Styling – Jono Fleming.

Sasha Gattermayr
23rd of June 2020

If you asked Pip Brett of Jumbled about her best memories of family holidays, they would revolve around food and sunshine. From bountiful alfresco dining in Sicily to discovering one-of-a-kind pieces in a vibrant Moroccan souk, there’s nothing more memorable than exploring the sights and sounds of a new place.

So it seems only fitting that the colourful ceramics collection Pip has produced in collaboration with Robert Gordon is inspired by the romance of travelling! The mix-and-match range of plates, cups, carafes and serving ware resemble treasures collected from faraway places, and the storytelling that surrounds them once they’re brought back home.

We caught up with Pip to ask her all the ins-and-outs of the just-launched (and quick selling!) collection, and what it was like collaborating with the legendary family-owned Australian pottery brand, Robert Gordon.

Hey Pip! Can you tell us about how this collection with Robert Gordon came about?

I have always been a lover of ceramics, and every time I travel, I love to jam pack my bag full of breakables that I bring back home to a very mismatched collection! I was inspired by that idea that the pieces that you surround yourself with tell your story and become part of new memories.

Last year I was interviewed for the House Of Style podcast and mentioned that my ultimate collaboration would HAVE to involve ceramics – luckily Kate Gordon of Robert Gordon was listening! Creating this range has been an absolute dream come true!

We wanted a range that was uniquely us – something you could mix and match. I hope it’s a collection that families will treasure for years to come.

What were some of your main inspirations and references?

At Jumbled, we are big believers in art being not just for your walls….. wear it, walk on it, eat off it.

Each piece in this collection is inspired by one of my favourite meals, in one of my favourite places with my favourite people. I travel to Morocco twice a year, and it always sets my heart on fire! ‘Beldi Rose’ is based on the Beldi Country Club in Marrakech where you dine in a beautiful greenhouse set amongst fields of roses. ‘Marrakech’ takes me straight back to sunset on the rooftop of a riad; drinking rose with the call to prayer playing. ‘Harvest’ is home – sunset paddock parties with my nearest and dearest.

What was the actual process of designing/making this collection with Robert Gordon like?

Working with the Robert Gordon family was incredible and is a life highlight! I literally designed my DREAM dinnerware set and then it was hand painted in the Robert Gordon Pakenham factory by Kate Gordon, Bel and Sue. Collectively, they have over 60 years experience hand painting ceramics. It was magical to see our designs come to life!

What do you love most about the finished product?

Each piece is like an original artwork – completely unique and a little different due to the hand painted nature. I love that when you hold it, you can feel that beautiful and earthy Robert Gordon quality. It’s so perfectly imperfect!

I love that these plates will become part of treasured memories for families around the country. That just gives me so much joy to imagine them on the tables, covered in delicious food, surrounded by laughter, bubbles and love. Even though each of these plates has been designed around my memories of my fave places and meals, I love the idea that those that use our dinnerware will create their own treasured memories.

What are some of the key pieces?

It’s really hard to choose a favourite child but the ‘Rockpool’ design is stunning! I love those big loops of washy colour, and then Kate has etched into the design to give it an extra layer of texture! It’s the modern take on a classic blue and white platter.

To shop the collection and learn more about Jumbled, visit their website here

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