Another Golden Restaurant Design At Lenny

The team at Golden are really making a splash at the moment. After completing the award-winning fit-out for Armadale cafe Moby 3143, the design superstars have recently worked with the same client to create Lenny 3206 in Albert Park.

Lyrical and sweeping hand lettering by CIP operates as both an interiors feature and gentle branding device. We speak with Golden co-director Kylie Dorotic about commissioning this cursive identity, and creating a communal space that is both bold and youthful.

Lucy Feagins

Putting the ‘sign’ into signature aesthetic. Visual branding by CIP at Lenny 3206.Photo – Tom Blachford.

Contemporary beach vibes in Albert Park (3206!). Photo – Tom Blachford.

The organic shape of the communal table echoes the form of the adjacent bay in Albert Park. Photo – Tom Blachford.

‘The interior design is a friendly and approachable as the staff and the menu,’ tells  Kylie Dorotic. Photo – Tom Blachford.

Lenny is a cafe that welcomes the neighborhood in. Photo – Tom Blachford.

‘Many visitors have remarked on how calming the space is,’ tells Kylie. Photo – Tom Blachford.

The cursive brand identity runs the full length of the cafe. Photo – Tom Blachford.

Lucy Feagins
5th of July 2018

Following the success of Moby 3134, the team at Golden were eager to work on the design for the client’s sister project, Lenny 3206. Golden co-director Kylie Dorotic explains ‘they are wonderful collaborators, and this time tasked us with creating a space that really welcomed the neighbourhood in – where the interior design is as friendly and approachable as the staff and the menu.’

Lenny is located in a heritage building, and the designers have playful brought a youthful cheer to the site, through a palette of sweet and preppy tones. Think sophisticated gelato vibes!

Lenny feels beachside, but without a hint of seashell or driftwood. The contemporary and fresh aesthetic is achieved through the application of bold materials, which include marble, terrazzo, solid oak and steel. Contrasting these key elements, Kylie explains that ‘more organic motifs are peppered through the space, from the shapely communal table and arched pendant lighting, to the central bar rendered in jagged rock formations.’

What steals the show at Lenny (beyond the delish menu) is the CIP cursive brand identity, which ripples through the site, and inscribes the cafe’s personality into the fabric of the venue. Kylie described how CIP ‘worked closely with the client to develop the design brief, which let us to designing a café that was bold and confident, yet ultimately welcoming and fitting of its location on a breezy bayside boulevard.’

Kylie highlighted that one of the primary goals of the client was to create a space that ‘really welcomed the neighbourhood in.’  If you are feeling Melbourne’s winter grey settling into your bones, stroll along the boulevard of dusky pink umbrellas into the welcoming arms of Lenny 3206.

Lenny 3206
113 Victoria Ave
Albert Park
Victoria 3206

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