The Contemporary Revival Of Moby 3134

It is not often than the words ‘refined’ and ‘70’s aesthetic’ are bandied about in the same sentence. But this delightful combination of descriptors is what Melbourne based design firm GOLDEN have achieved, in their award-winning re-fit of a beloved Armadale cafe: Moby 3143.

GOLDEN co-directors Kylie Dorotic and Alicia McKimm chat with us about transforming an iconic 1970’s shell into a distinctive contemporary venue.

Sally Tabart

Moby 3143 fit-out by GOLDEN revision the 1970’s shell of a beloved Armadale institution. Photo – Sharyn Cairns.

Moby 3143 is ‘very well known for its food, so the marriage of interiors and food makes for a fantastic hospitality experience.’ Photo – Sharyn Cairns.

Hello Moby! Photo – Sharyn Cairns.

‘It’s a real thrill to see every zone activated, with customers enjoying all corners of the café. It’s created a wonderful atmosphere.’ Photo – Sharyn Cairns.

Ray of light on the fresh teal and ochre interiors. Photo – Sharyn Cairns.

Moby 3143 was recently awarded Best Café at London’s World Interior News Awards. Photo – Sharyn Cairns.

‘The building’s original arch windows beautifully frame the abundant colour inside, adding to the appeal from the exterior.’ Photo – Sharyn Cairns.

Attention to detail in every element of Moby 3143. Photo – Sharyn Cairns.

‘Key to the design was successfully connecting all zones within the three-storey building.’ Photo – Sharyn Cairns.

Ready to dine! Photo – Sharyn Cairns.

When 1970’s Tuscany meets contemporary chic. Photo – Sharyn Cairns.

‘We create designs that go beyond the aesthetic, to evoke a deeply resonant experience, and this project encapsulates that passion.’ Photo – Sharyn Cairns.

‘With Moby 3143, the goal was to create a new “institution” for the locals.’ Photo – Sharyn Cairns.

‘Our intention with Moby was to reactivate the space, known and loved by Armadale locals as the Woodstock espresso bar for many years.’ Photo – Sharyn Cairns.

Moby 3143 was recently awarded Best Cafe at London’s World Interior News Awards. Photo – Sharyn Cairns.

Moby 3143 is a new café, on the site (and within the shell) of beloved Armadale institution, the Woodstock espresso bar. Melbourne based design firm GOLDEN – alongside builder Bear Projects, and CIP Studio for branding and visual identity – have reimagined the 1970’s space into a contemporary and sleek new eatery, which draws on Tuscan inspiration. The designers see the rebranding and design as renewing an institution, and ‘strived to design a café experience that would invite locals to reconnect with the iconic building.’

Kylie and Alicia explain that the dual colour scheme of ochre and teal was chosen to represent both new and old. ‘The textured ochre finish is reminiscent of a warm Tuscan render, while the teal offers a contemporary edge’ the designer explain. The attention to detail extends to the careful selection of delicate cutlery, elegant glassware, and the consistency of design motifs and colour scheme across the multi-level site.

Ensuring connection across the three stories was a priority for the designers, who sought to conjure continuity ‘from kerbside seating, to the interior, mezzanine and upstairs deck.’ Kylie and Alicia achieved this through the colour blocking which wraps around the walls and up the stair case, whilst emerald green tiles frame the kitchen, and provide an eye-catching window for patrons to peep into the culinary stage.

The success of Moby 3143’s fit out has been celebrated at the London’s World Interior Awards, in receiving the prize for Best Café. GOLDEN studio’s work on Sum of Us Studio  also brought home a golden gong, for these golden designers.

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