New Graphic Canvas Wall Hangings From Home Dweller

Having a creative idea is one thing – realising it is quite another. We know how hard it can be to turn ideas into reality, and that’s why we’re always so impressed when we come across someone hustling the time around work and family and everything in-between, to get their passion project off the ground!

Felicia Gibson’s  Home Dweller range of digitally-printed wall hangings evolved out of this juggle, and it’s a joy to behold! Think ‘grown-up bunting’ meets bold, graphic abstract art.

Lucy Feagins

Introducing Home Dweller by Felicia Gibson. Photo – Lousie Roche.

The Botanicals range is inspired by the natural world. Photo – Lousie Roche.

After 20 years as a graphic designer, Felicia Gibson followed her creative intuition in developing Home Dweller. Photo – Lousie Roche.

‘The idea was to create home decor that comes from a place of quality, authenticity and originality.’ Photo – Lousie Roche.

Felicia Gibson took long-service leave to take time for creative exploration. Photo – Lousie Roche.

‘Each piece is suspended from a custom-made, handcrafted Tasmanian oak hanger which is polished with natural scented beeswax.’ Photo – Lousie Roche.

The Home Dweller ranger is proudly designed and produced in Australia. Photo – Lousie Roche.

Lucy Feagins
7th of June 2018

After working as a graphic designer in Brisbane for over 20 years, Felicia Gibson decided to follow her ‘inner intuition’ and create a business of her own. In 2017, when schooling started for her youngest child, and long-service leave offered a large sparkling expanse of creative exploration time, Felicia grasped the opportunity to ‘experiment with all my interests, further my skills and see where it led me.’ Home Dweller was launched 18 months later!

Felicia describes how Home Dweller is inspired by ‘quality, authenticity and originality’, and her love of interiors that are simple, comfortable and welcoming. ‘They don’t have to be styled perfectly, or decorated with expensive furniture – they just feel like a home that is lived in and loved, and you get an instant sense for the personality of the people dwelling in it.’

This Home Dweller range, Botanical, is inspired by organic shapes of the natural world, and the simplicity of Scandinavian design. This environmental inspiration also informs the production process, as Felicia has ensured the organic cotton canvas, handcrafted Tasmanian oak hangers, and Melbourne printed pigment ink are all sourced with sustainability in mind.

An interest in fabric and textiles and love of craftsmanship runs in Felicia’s family. She explains that her Grandmother has been a dressmaker her whole life… ‘and is still happily sewing at the age of 83.’ (SO IMPRESSIVE!) For Felicia, the Home Dweller brand really does feel like ‘a culmination of all my family influences, my many creative interests, and inherent love of home, all rolled into one.’ A winning combination!

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