TDF Open House 2017

Tammy Kanat

After almost 10 years of The Design Files, it’s pretty mind-blowing that we can still find amazing creatives we’ve never heard of. Such is the case with this morning’s feature – Melbourne-based weaver and mum of three, Tammy Kanat.

We stumbled across Tammy’s work while diving deep into an Instagram hole looking for new artists to participate in Open House, and Tammy’s work totally blew us away.

Sally Tabart

Tammy Kanat works mostly out of her home-studio or her houseboat in Lake Eildon. Photo – Emily Weaving.

Some of Tammy’s wild and wonderful work. Photo – Emily Weaving.

The detail!! Photo – Emily Weaving.

Talk about dreamy colour combos! Photo – Emily Weaving.

Sally Tabart
14th of November 2017

Beginning her creative career in 2001 with a successful label called Mink Jewellery, Tammy Kanat happened upon weaving about seven years ago. After struggling to find the perfect woven feature piece to finish off a new home renovation, Tammy did what most of us might only ever talk about, but never actually do – she made her own.

Tammy’s uniquely colourful, textural works are testament to her inherent creativity, with her large-scale woven wall hangings becoming the instant centerpiece to any room they inhabit. Her most recent collection of playful, rugged circles in bright layers of colour are a new direction, inspired by a trip to Milan earlier in the year. ‘I am a restless creative, I get bored very quickly, so I feel my work is constantly evolving,’ Tammy muses.

As is the case for almost all creatives in this time, Instagram has played a pivotal role in exposing Tammy’s work to a huge audience. ‘Instagram was a main catalyst for my art to develop into a career,’ she says, ‘I had a positive response from my work and several collaborations and opportunities came about, which encouraged me to look at it seriously career choice.’ Even actual-real-life-celeb Miley Cyrus (!!) is among Tammy’s forty-four thousand Instagram followers, direct-messaging Tammy to sing her praises! (WHAAAAAT!?). As the mum of three teenagers, this was certainly a ‘moment’ for Tammy and her family!

Aside from showing three INCREDIBLE pieces at The Design Files Open House later this month, Tammy’s latest work can be found in a recent collection with US homewares brand Anthropologie (!), and in collaboration with two iconic Australian brands, including rug company Cadrys and a soft furnishings brand Creswick Woollen Mills. The future looks bright Tammy – say hi to Miley for us!

Suss Tammy’s exquisite circular woven wall hangings at The Design Files Open House in Melbourne later this month – it’s all happening in Collingwood, November 23rd – 26th.