'Paradise Stills' by Scottie Store x Mirador

Once upon a time, the bed linen landscape was sparse, and options pretty much ranged from cheap and cheerful Target spreads, to a small selection of daggy department store offerings.

Over the last few years, the bedding game has seriously upped its ante! One of the stand out local linen labels is Scottie Store – run by Gemma Leslie and her boyfriend Mike Chambers, using 100 per cent French flax linen.

Inspired by a dream holiday to Italy, Gemma and Mike have teamed up with Lauren Elise Cassar, the talented textile-artist behind Mirador, to produce a seriously special print, ‘Paradise Stills’.

Sally Tabart

Scottie Store bed linen is made with 100 percent French flax linen. Photo – Sam Wong. Styling – Nat Turnbull.

‘Paradise Stills’, a collaboration between Mirador and Scottie Store. Photo – Sam Wong. Styling – Nat Turnbull.

This linen is SERIOUSLY the comfiest thing you’ve ever slept on! Photo – Sam Wong. Styling – Nat Turnbull.

The artwork was inspired by images from a trip to the southern Italian coastline. Photo – Victoria Zschommler. Styling – Gemma Leslie.

We want people to get more sleep and to understand the benefits to the mind as well as to physical health,’ explains Gemma. Photo – Sam Wong. Styling – Nat Turnbull.

Sally Tabart
11th of January 2018

‘Lauren was a customer from our first collection almost three years ago,’ Gemma explains of their introduction, ‘she was actually one of the first-ever winners of a giveaway, which is how we came across her work!’

Once Lauren was on board with the collaboration, Gemma and Mike allowed her plenty of creative licence. They gave the textile designer a brief, a colour palette, and a series of photos from a holiday in Italy that they wanted captured. ‘The colours were tonal and soft, yet vivid because of their association with those incredible coastal Italian towns – Praiano, Positano, Lido del Faro and Ravello for example,’ says Gemma.

In a devastating turn of events, not long after Gemma and Mike gave Lauren the brief, a burglar broke into their home and robbed them of a lot more than just physical possessions. ‘Our cameras, laptops and memory cards were stolen,’ Gemma tells, ‘we no longer have any images from that trip!’ And so, the collaboration became about much more than just another doona cover….  instead, the creative process of creating this range was the perfect way to re-live a trip the pair had enjoyed so much. It seems like this collaboration was meant to be!

The artwork, originally painted using water colours, was digitally printed onto French flax linen. Once printed, the linen was then stonewashed to soften the cloth. Gemma and Mike were committed to maintaining the integrity of Lauren’s artwork, and had to print multiple times before they were satisfied with the detail of every last brush stroke.

We can’t always give a first-hand review of wares we feature on TDF, but as someone who received this beautiful bed linen as a Christmas gift (THANKS LUCY!!), I can 100% attest to the luxurious feel and artistic quality of this creative collaboration. They have become the subject of many an Instagram story and may be the comfiest sheets I have ever slept on!

You can shop ‘Paradise Stills’ here! AND PS. Stay tuned… TDF and Mirador have an exciting collaboration in the works of our very own! 

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