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Melbourne-based textile artist Lauren Elise Cassar ‘wears many hats’, she run accessories label Mirador, works as a freelance textile designer and a graphic designer, while also studying her Masters in Art Therapy.

Today we showcase her latest Mirador accessories collection, ‘Luna’ – a painterly ode to land and moon.

Elle Murrell

The new Mirador range from Melbourne-based textile artist, Lauren Elise Cassar. Photo – Victoria Zschommler.

The limited-edition designs are made locally and ethically. Photo – Victoria Zschommler.

Lauren’s wraps are made in silk and wool. Photo – Victoria Zschommler.

Moon Dancer Wrap. Photo – Victoria Zschommler.

Model wears Luna Silk Scarf (as top). Photo – Victoria Zschommler.

Clara Silk Scarf. Photo – Victoria Zschommler.

Elle Murrell
4th of September 2017

The latest Mirador collection, Luna is a dedication to the land and the moon. ‘I love when everyone goes a little bit wild with ideas, dreams, conversations, moods, when it is a full moon,’ tells textile artist Lauren Cassar. ‘I am very conscious of my footprint on this land we live on, what I will leave behind, how to thank and give back to the varied landscape of Australia for all the inspiration it provides me. The collection is an embodiment of these thoughts.’

The limited-edition range comprises five silk scarf designs, four wraps of silk and wool and number of wearable garments. It took Lauren over a year to finish all the artwork, and the designs are made locally and ethically. ‘I don’t stick to the fashion timetable, but hope to always create something unique through my artwork,’ tells the 28-year-old. ‘I strive to be recognisable as a label from Down Under!’

Lauren describes her creative process as fluid and emotive, painting whenever she can find a moment. She’ll often paint when on holiday, or at least jot down ideas in her journal. ‘That sense of clarity I get when I am always from the day-to-day hustle is integral, I need to let my creative mind breath, and be in open spaces so my inspiration comes from the land or a view, rather than something I have seen on Pinterest,’ she explains.

Since we last featured Lauren’s accessories, two years ago, she’s lead several women’s painting groups in her former home of Austinmer, NSW.  ‘I was so inspired by how art can connect and heal from this experience, so made a little pivot in my career direction and I am feeling more inspired than ever,’ says Lauren. ‘Being able to use my creative mind for good is more rewarding than you can ever imagine.’

Looking forward Lauren is focussed on integrating her learning as an art therapist into her creative practice, as well as growing her label with integrity rather than being driven by aesthetics decisions. ‘It keeps Mirador down to earth,’ she says. ‘And I think people connect with the honesty of it.’

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