St. Agni

Every so often, the perfect shoe will present itself to you. As though made with you specifically in mind, this shoe can appear anywhere – sitting pretty in a window display, stepping off the pages of a magazine, or on the foot of an unassuming stranger. However your Cinderella moment comes to you, said perfect shoes will remain on your feet for days, weeks, perhaps MONTHS at a time.

St. Agni shoes are the kind that will have strangers stopping you in the street to ask, ‘where did you get them?!’

Sally Tabart

Lara and Matt Fell of St. Agni, in their Byron store.

St. Agni’s Summer 2018 footwear campaign, with flowers by Brær. Photo – Lisa Sorgini.

Earthy hues at St. Agni’s Byron store. Photo – courtesy of St. Agni.

St Agni’s Byron Bay store. Photo – courtesy of St. Agni.

St. Agni’s Summer 2018 footwear campaign, with flowers by Brær. Photo – Lisa Sorgini.

St. Agni’s Summer 2018 footwear campaign, with flowers by Brær. Photo – Lisa Sorgini.

St. Agni’s beautiful Byron store.  Photo – courtesy of St. Agni.

St. Agni’s Summer 2018 footwear campaign, with flowers by Brær. Photo – Lisa Sorgini.

St. Agni’s Summer 2018 footwear campaign, with flowers by Brær.  Photo – Lisa Sorgini.

Sally Tabart
2nd of October 2017

Partners in business and life, Lara and Matt Fell founded St. Agni, their then women’s leather and accessories line, in 2014. Both with backgrounds in retail management, St. Agni was born out of a desire to reflect Lara’s love for ‘minimal, versatile pieces, using quality materials’. With a little bit of instinct and ‘a lot of learning along the way’, St. Agni has evolved from side gig to a full time business, since the launch of their first sandal in the summer of 2015. It now operates as a footwear, apparel and accessories line.

Basing their store, warehouse and studio in magical Byron Bay, the culture of beachside living is reflected in all aspects of St. Agni’s aesthetic, which Lara and Matt describe as ‘effortless, minimal and nostalgic’. Their Byron store, with its white-washed interiors and ochre accents provides the perfect backdrop for St. Agni’s range of slip on flats, low heels, and slouchy accessories in earthy colours, making for a chic ‘I-just-went-to-the-market-to-buy-flowers’ kind of vibe.

‘One of the most special parts about being based in Byron Bay is being surrounded by so many inspiring creatives , everyone in the area is really supportive of each others businesses’, says Lara. A perfect example of this creative collaboration in action is the campaign shoot pictured here, where St. Agni worked with local botanical designers Brær and photographer Lisa Sorgini to bring their vision life.

Working in tandem with a small leather factory in Java to craft their wares, a positive relationship with their manufacturers is an integral part of the process for Lara and Matt. ‘Our team travels to Indonesia numerous times a year to work closely with the craftsmen and maintain our working relationship,’ Lara tells us, ‘it’s really important to us that all our workers are well looked after and are content with their work.’

In a nod to mid-century architecture and fabrications, St. Agni’s upcoming Summer ’18 range features panels of rattan mesh, and a warm palette of ochres, rust and clay.

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