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Will Studd Makes Cheese Dreams Come True!

Where to find Aphrodite Galotyri – Will Studd’s new northern Greek, spreadable cheese that we CANNOT STOP EATING.

Amelia Barnes
11th of October 2019

Those who recently attended our inaugural TDF Design Awards will know how amazing Will Studd’s selection of cheeses is! (We still can’t get over the epic cheese spread – thanks Will!)

The Byron-based author, TV host and all-round cheese guru has recently announced a new member to his cheese family – Aphrodite Galotyri PDO.

This ewe and goat’s milk cheese was originally produced as a seasonal treat by shepherds who roamed hillside pastures in the Epirus and Thessaly regions of ancient Greece. It is now made in northern Greece under strict PDO (protected designation of origin) regulations, but with the same soft and spreadable texture, savoury flavour and sublime milky finish! We just had a truckload of the stuff delivered to the TDF office, and can confirm, it’s incredible.

Will came across this rare cheese on a recent trip to Greece and was blown away by its unusually smooth texture and flavour. He advises eating it as delicious snack on bread with tomato, basil and extra virgin olive oil, or, how the shepherds served, in rich meat dishes. Snacks in the TDF studio so far have included: spread on bread, stirred through pasta, dolloped on salads and even the slightly questionable but ultimately successful mango with cheese combo!

Will Studd’s Aphrodite Galotyri is exclusively distributed by Calendar Cheese to select locations across Australia. You can find all stockists listed here. For more Will Studd Selected cheeses, as well cheese-centric recipes and information on where to buy the new range, visit

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