A Unique Stroll Around Fitzroy

Soymilk Studio discover their new neighbourhood through an innovative, animated tour of cafes and restaurants.

Sally Tabart
14th of March 2018

Want to peruse the foodie scene in Collingwood without leaving the house? Thanks to Soymilk Studio, you can! Last week the design and animation studio sent through one of the best press releases we’ve ever received (and we receive a lot!). It would be rude not to share!

A multidisciplinary animation studio that specialises in creating unique video content for brands, Soymilk Studio flex their muscles in ‘Façades and Promenades’: taking viewers on a stroll through Fitzroy and Collingwood’s cafe and restaurant scene. ‘While discovering our new neighbourhood, the first thing that caught our eye was the plethora of choice in cafes and places to eat,’ explain Jenni and Paul, ‘the presence of these beautiful shop fronts play an important role in the local landscape and act as a strong link for the community.’

Combining handcrafted miniature sets with stop-motion and digital animation, Jenni and Paul have uniquely captured the spirit of the neighbourhood – featuring PLENTY of TDF lunch spot faves! See for yourself below!

Check out Soymilk Studio via their website or Instagram 

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