Home by Fairhaven Homes. Photo courtesy of Stockland.

A Digital Renovation Tool Bringing Moodboards To Life

Property group Stockland’s Dreamcatcher platform allows you to map all the inspo for your dream home in one place!

Lucy Feagins
24th of August 2021

Every creative person will tell you that the easiest way to tackle the ‘ideas’ stage of a big project is to start with a moodboard. It’s the best way to gather all your inspiration in one place so you can really work out what you rate or hate!

Whether it’s building a new home or renovating an old one, the new Dreamcatcher tool from Stockland allows you to design your own space online using a huge archive of images. On the easy-to-use interface you can browse current interior trends and compile your faves onto your personal dashboard, which you can then share with other collaborators.

You can even take immersive 3D virtual home tours and guided videos to ensure the space feels right.

Each design element featured on the platform has been built in one of Stockland’s communities, so you can visit them online or in-person (when restrictions allow!). Dreamcatcher also includes an interactive map to your nearest Stockland Display Village so you can locate the closest location for an IRL viewing!

Test out the Dreamcatcher tool by Stockland here!

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