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Left image – Beci Orpin, Untitled, Risograph print, 2018. Right image - Karan Singh, Red eye, Risograph print, 2018.

'Risographica 4!': A Charity Show At Jacky Winter

10th April, 2018

The artist agency breaks in their A2 Risograph printer (the only one in Australia!) bringing together 48 artists to support kids in need.

Our friends down the street at Jacky Winter are at it again. Don’t those guys ever sleep?! Their latest exhibition, Risographica 4!, brings together 48 Jacky Winter artists to raise money for Children’s Ground, a community-led organisation that seeks to support the next generation of children in First Nations communities that have been subject to extreme societal disadvantages.

Exploring the medium of risograph, artists like Beci Orpin, Kat Macleod, The Letterettes and Karan Singh (to name just a few) are among those contributing to the fourth-of-its-kind group show, which had its inaugural event in 2010.

Unless you’re a bit of a print nerd, the term ‘risograph’ may be unfamiliar – but it’s pretty simple really. The Japanese-made machine looks like one of those clunky office printers from the 90s and blends various print forms such as mimeograph, photocopying, screen printing and offset lithography to produce bold, graphic prints.

It just so happens that the Jacky Winter crew have recently become the proud new owners of Australia’s ONLY A2 risograph machine (!), and they’re breaking it in by printing the entire show on it! Works will be available in editions of 10 for $80 each, and the show opens tomorrow night!

Risographica 4! group show
April 12th-May 5th

Opening night, April 11th, 6-9pm
Lamington Drive
52 Budd Street
Collingwood, Victoria

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