Kowtow's Melbourne store is now open on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. Photo - Rory Gardiner

Trailblazing NZ Fashion Brand Kowtow Is Now 100% Plastic Free

The NZ brand has just opened its first Melbourne store and is forging a new path with its first plastic-free fashion collection.

7th of March 2024

When it comes to sustainability, the fashion industry faces a unique problem: how can a brand balance the needs of its production line with its impacts on the environment?

New Zealand label Kowtow has been concerned with this issue from its very inception in 2006.

Founder Gosia Piątek launched the business in hopes of bringing innovation, preservation, and restoration to the clothing industry. And after 17 years, the brand has achieved a monumental milestone, eliminating all plastic from its garments and operations.

The base of all Kowtow pieces has always been made from Fairtrade organic cotton, a biodegradable fabric, as part of Gosia’s goal to ensure each piece of clothing can ‘return to the earth, without harm’.

But now this commitment even extends to replacing all synthetic materials with natural alternatives.

It means Kowtow’s buttons are made from shells or nuts, elastic waistbands are made from latex rubber instead of synthetic rubber, and even the inner stitches of the garments are organic cotton.

Gosia is also hopeful their success helps lead others in the fashion community down the same path, and has even revealed their learnings with an open-source handbook as a guide to going plastic-free.

The new Nature As Home range is the culmination of her team’s efforts, featuring the same timeless and chic silhouettes the brand is known for in their first ever 100 per cent plastic-free collection. It’s the kind of clothing you want to wear again and again, year after year, and even when its reached the end of its usable life, you can return it to Kowtow through their Take-Back program!

To learn more about this major achievement, watch Gosia Piątek’s interview with sustainable fashion journalist, Lucianne Tonti as they discuss the brand’s journey to going plastic-free — and what it means for a circular future in the fashion industry.

Shop Kowtow online here and at their new Melbourne store.

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