‘ A quarry for slate springs’, 925mm x 1225mm, Oil on Italian Linen, Framed in Tasmanian Blackwood. Photography – Trent Duffy

‘Shadow leaves’, 925mm x 1225mm, Oil on Italian Linen, Framed in Tasmanian Blackwood. Photography – Trent Duffy

Hannah Nowlan Reveals A New Solo Exhibition (In Her Own Gallery!)

‘Slate’ is inspired by the nature surrounding the Melbourne artist’s new gallery in Red Hill — and pre-sales open from tomorrow!

Bea Taylor
19th of April 2024

Melbourne-based artist Hannah Nowlan has been working on this latest collection of works for two years — although she’s only been physically painting them for the past four months.

In 2021, she and her partner Tim purchased an acreage property in Red Hill with the dream of creating an artist-run gallery to support her practice as well as other emerging artists.

Over the last two years, Hannah has taken an ‘unintentional sabbatical’ to work with Tim on transforming an unused steel barn into a creative arts destination, connected to the site’s environment.

Now finished, Lander—Se is ready for its first-ever exhibition; ‘Slate’, a solo show by Hannah, filled with works she’d been creating in her mind while she renovated the property.

The name of the show references this inspiration directly, citing the natural material most prevalent on the property, which neighbours an old quarry (now filled with water).

‘The blue and white slate bluffs, and the vast reflective surface of quarry water has been a huge source of inspiration… as well as our experiences of the land over the past two years,’ explains Hannah. ‘I’ve drawn on narratives shared by neighbours and evidence unearthed by the land itself to convey a sense of the land’s historical tapestry.’

‘Slate’ opens at Lander—Se on Saturday April 27 but online pe-sales begin on Saturday April 20!

Visit the Lander—Se website to request a catalogue and purchase, or pop down to Red Hill to check out the new gallery space and this beautiful exhibition for yourself.

Slate, by Hannah Nowlan
Saturday April 27 – Sunday April 28, 10am – 4pm

585 Dunns Creeks Road, Red Hill

Other times available by appointment

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