Left: Pia Murphy in her studio. Photo by Rhys Lee. Right: 'Kneeling, holding' from Garden Gravity

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See Pia Murphy’s ‘Garden Gravity’ Opening At Nicholas Thompson Gallery

The artist’s indefinable oil paintings are on show at the Collingwood gallery until March 16.

Amelia Barnes
27th of February 2024

The oil paintings of Pia Murphy seamlessly combine abstract forms and recognisable figures across a vivid colour palette found in nature.

Her latest body of work, Garden Gravity, is particularly inspired by the artist’s relationship to her home garden.

While created without a preconceived outcome in mind, the 17 works in this new exhibition visually express how Pia’s garden relates to both her art practice and daily life.

‘I think it’s like tapping into some ancient knowledge,’ she says. ‘Like meditation, gardens can help to see things newly and differently and can be enlightening.’

Themes of solitude and uncertainty are also captured in the works created in Pia’s Birregurra, Victoria studio.

Variations in texture achieve a crayon-like appearance where individual, almost transparent, brushstrokes are layered.

The result is a series of fluid paintings that exude an energy and indefinable quality that draws the viewer in and encourages them to linger.

Garden Gravity is showing at Nicholas Thompson Gallery in Collingwood from Wednesday February 28 to Saturday March 16. Opening drinks will be held on Saturday March 2.

Garden Gravity by Pia Murphy
Wednesday February 28-Saturday March 16
Nicholas Thompson Gallery
155 Langridge St, Collingwood VIC 3066

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