Photo – by Derek Swalwell, from his exhibition, 'A Pink Past'.

The Wild Interiors Of A 1970s Brothel Captured By Derek Swalwell

Your chance to take a look inside one of Melbourne’s oldest brothels, Pink Palace!

Sally Tabart
24th of October 2018

We’re pretty accustomed to photographer and TDF collaborator Derek Swalwell ending up in any number of wild and wacky places to *get the shot*. But the location of this latest series has got to be a first! A Pink Past documents the outrageous interiors of former brothel the Pink Palace, which closed its doors earlier this year. Hosted by property group Crema, the exhibition of Derek’s photographs are flashy, garish and in-your-face, much like the original 1970s establishment itself.

With an interest in architecture, interiors and the way these are informed by their context, the acclaimed photographer jumped at the opportunity to capture this iconic piece of Melbourne’s underground history. ‘The wallpaper was circa 1990s, and when coupled with all the flamboyant detail, such as framed boudoir portraits of women (some original working girls of the establishment)…set a cinematic tone for the shoot,’ Derek says.

The South Melbourne site of the Pink Palace has been bought by the Crema group with partner Geomax Capital, and will soon be developed into high-end residencies, with showrooms available to be viewed in December 2018. ‘The space was photographed by Derek the night after the Pink Palace closed,’ tells Crema Director, Nicholas Crema, ‘his work captures some of the past of the site and this exhibition provides an opportunity for the public to see behind closed doors’.

A Pink Past by Derek Swalwell
Friday October 26th – Sunday October 28th 
8 Palmerston Crescent
South Melbourne, Victoria

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