A constellation of Hexorillia Sconces. Photo - Kristina Yenko.

Handmade Ceramic Lights That Look Like Ocean Treasures!

Ceramicist Milly Dent has ventured into lighting design with a new collection of lamps, pendants and wall sconces inspired by shells + coral.

Sasha Aarons
6th of October 2021

Sydney artist Milly Dent is known for her handmade porcelain sculptures and art objects, but her newest collection introduces a new element to her work – lighting!

Inspired by the natural sculptural forms of ocean environments, Milly collaborated with local electrician (and one of her customers) Ryan Mcgowen on a series of ceramic wall sconces, pendant and lamps.

Milly handcrafts the porcelain pieces inspired by star coral and sponges from her studio in Marrickville, before assembling them with custom made brass nuts made locally.

The porcelain shade of the sconces and pinched pendants results in a soft, ambient glow, while the Phos table lamps resemble statuesque sand castles with their hand-built clay bodies and mosaic surface. These unique lamps are also topped with a ceramic shade and can take up to a month to craft.

We love this gorgeous, creative collection. How good are those coral-like Hexorillia sconces?!

Shop the collection here.

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