'LISA GORMAN + MIRKA MORA: to breathe with the rhythm of the heart' is on show now at Warrnambool Art Gallery.

Garments from the Gorman x Mirka collaboration feature across the exhibition. Photo – courtesy of Warrnambool Art Gallery

Artist Lisa Gorman. Photo – courtesy of Warrnambool Art Gallery

‘Orange Serpent’ by Mirka Mora. 2013, oil on canvas, 153 x 118cm. (c) The Estate of Mirka Mora

‘Mirka Mora has been an incredible inspiration for me across the years – before, during and after we worked together in 2016’

Lisa Gorman

‘Angels’ by Mirka Mora. c. 1965, oil on masonite, 60 x 90cm (c) The Estate of Mirka Mora

Step into their colourful and creative worlds. Photo – courtesy of Warrnambool Art Gallery

See Lisa Gorman + Mirka Mora’s Works In This Exciting New Exhibition

Don’t miss the colourful and creative showcase, on now at Warrnambool Art Gallery!

Christina Karras
Exhibition design
Studio Bright
27th of November 2023

Lisa Gorman and Mirka Mora are both household names in the worlds of fashion and art.

The inimitable duo worked on a collaboration for Gorman back in 2016, then in 2018, and now, an exciting new exhibition has bought their works together once again.

‘LISA GORMAN + MIRKA MORA: to breathe with the rhythm of the heart’ at Warrnambool Art Gallery reveals the similarities between these two creative powerhouses, exploring their shared love of colour, illusion, and experimentation.

The showcase features garments from their beloved collaborations, soft sculptures, and never-before-seen paintings directly from the estate of Mirka Mora, alongside a new spectacular large-scale installation by Lisa.

Spanning 8-metres-long, this latest work is a continuation of Lisa’s acrylic tartan-inspired, sculptures, made up of dynamic patterns that mimic the look of textiles with vibrant neon ‘threads’ that change colour in different lights.

‘The exhibition as a whole is a visual timeline, presenting a journey through Mirka’s works, to the point where we crossed paths and worked together collaboratively, then onto my current body of artworks today,’ Lisa explains.

It’s also an especially momentous showcase for Lisa, saying: ‘To not only be showing alongside such an iconic Australian female artist with my own body of work, but to be showing in my hometown of Warrnambool in a public art space is somewhat mind blowing for me!’

The exhibition, designed by Studio Bright, is on show now until March 17 2024. And if you’re as big a fan of Lisa as we are, you might also want to visit In Good Company’s Armadale showroom this Wednesday, to see (and shop!) some of her latest works in what they’re calling a ‘Festive Exhibition’. Admission is free, but just make sure you RSVP here.

Book tickets for ‘LISA GORMAN + MIRKA MORA: to breathe with the rhythm of the heart’ here.

Warrnambool Art Gallery
26 Liebig Street

Warrnambool, VIC, 3280

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