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Inside Illustrator + Author Kat Macleod's Beautiful New Children’s Book

The Melbourne artist and author’s latest picture book The Tiny Tailors is bursting with creativity, colour and botanical beauty!

Christina Karras
24th of April 2023

Melbourne-based artist turned author Kat Macleod’s endearing new children’s picture book blends together all of her favourite things: illustration, fashion, storytelling, nature and books.

We’ve been following Kat’s creative career for almost a decade, and after the pandemic she dove into her life-long dream job of making children’s books – releasing five in just 2021 alone! 

Now, The Tiny Tailors is designed to follow on from Kat’s last book, The Tiny Explorers, which takes a look at the natural world up close from the perspective of her pint-sized characters. Each one is no taller than a pin, but Kat says what the tiny tailors lack in size, they make up for with creativity! 

‘It’s a story about a group of fashion designers,’ she adds. The new release invites adults and children alike to follow along as they craft outfits out of petals, leaves and treasures found in a giant botanic world filled with colour.

Designed for kids aged 2-8, the book is all about encouraging readers to interact with nature, while also learning the ‘magic’ of plants and the colours of the rainbow.

Kat’s imaginative mixed-media illustrations almost leap off the page, and there’s plenty of special design features you’ll notice when you get your hands on the book – including the petal-pattern grain on the beautiful cover! 

Published by Thames & Hudson, The Tiny Tailors is available from April 25.

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