Photo – Henry Trumble

'The Lunatic' By Henry Trumble

The Melbourne-based photographer explores our understanding of the universe in his new show at Blindside Gallery.

Ashley Simonetto
4th of April 2018

The exhibition title, The Lunatic, comes from the French word ‘lunatique’, which means to temporarily have one’s sanity seized by the moon. Photographer Henry Trumble reflects on humankind’s desire to classify and label the world (in an attempt understand it!) through this new show, now on at Blindside Gallery in Melbourne’s iconic Nicholson Building.

The Lunatic is also inspired by prolific Japanese author Haruki Murakami’s dystopian novel 1Q84, which is set in a parallel universe where two moons hang in the sky.

Henry is fascinated by how astronomical images underpin our understanding of the universe and explores this idea through a series of photographic prints – some of which have had direct contact with the moon themselves! Wait, what? Two of the exhibiting works, Maza and Dohta, depict images of the moon’s closest approach in 69 years as viewed from Germany (in 2016). Henry actually exposed these contact prints by the light of the moon when back in Australia!

The Lunatic by Henry Trumble
March 28th to April 14th

Blindside Gallery
Open Tuesday  to Saturday, 12-6pm
Room 14, Level 7
37 Swanston Street,
Melbourne, Victoria 

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