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Bec Smith and Hannah Fox's 'Mutual Abstraction'

Two wonderful Melbourne artists team up for a juxtaposing exhibition, opening at Junior Space in Collingwood tomorrow night.

Ashley Simonetto
22nd of November 2017

Local painters and friends Hannah Fox and Bec Smith have joined forces for an exhibition that places their distinctive abstracts side-by-side.

How could we look past these colour palettes? It’s pretty obvious by now (see everything TDF Open House and our Dulux Colour Forecast post, ‘Friends‘) that we’re obsessed with this pastel pink… especially when it’s accented with a decent dose of moody burgundy!

Hannah and Bec seem to have been effected too, channelling these tones into their respective textured oil-on-canvas, and layered geometric works. Both part of The Creative Women’s Circle, Bec jumped at the chance to collaborate on a showcase when approached by Hannah earlier this year. While the artists’ approach are dissimilar, the pair both seek to capture produce a ‘version’ of a moment in time, a sensory impression, in their abstract art.

‘This exhibition seeks to juxtapose our individual collection of works which emphasises the constructed and organic contrasts in our approach to abstraction,’ introduced Hannah. ‘We each have completely different approaches to the process of creating our art – Hannah is a mark-maker and works intuitively, while I’m methodical and plan my compositions and colour palettes. But those counterpoints have a foil too: Hannah is meticulous about her layering and colour arrangements, and I’m freer with the brush and the edges than might be expected,’ explained Bec. ‘We find these aspects of our practice really interesting and wanted to demonstrate how “abstraction”, both on an emotional and conceptual level, can co-exist.’

Collingwood/Fitzroy is really turning it on with awesome local art exhibitions this week. Why not try the trifecta from tomorrow evening onwards: ‘Mutual Abstraction’, ‘Hear Me Out’ and TDF Open House?

‘Mutual Abstraction’ by Hannah Fox and Bec Smith
November 23rd to December 6th
Opening night Thursday November 23rd, 6-8pm
Junior Space 
65 Smith Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

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