6 Chefs + Artists Come Together In New Food For Everyone Posters!

The beloved culinary poster series is celebrating local female artists and foodies in a beautiful new collection curated by Gemma Leslie.

Christina Karras
3rd of November 2022

Artist Gemma Leslie’s popular Food For Everyone initiative is back with a special new poster series featuring some of Australia’s best local chefs and artists!

Since 2020, Gemma has been illustrating the recipes of renowned chefs, cooks and restaurateurs to create beautiful prints for her culinary poster shop. But this time she’s stepped into the role of curator, bringing together an inspiring all-women line up of six artists and six foodies in the latest Food For Everyone prints.

The artist collection includes plenty of names we know and love. Artist Lauren Cassar teams up with Beatrix Bakes’ Natalie Paull to capture her beloved coconut pavlova with pastel tones, while Mia Boe brings her surrealist style to Dom Gattermayr‘s cured fish plate from the Florian menu.

Alice Oher has also immortalised Annie Smithers’ broad bean dip, and Rosheen Kaul from renowned restaurant Etta has worked with Sydney artist Allie Webb on a rendition of the chef’s black-pepper mud-crab recipe. There’s also posters by Billie Justice Thomson and Nuñez Rojas Nuñez Rojas who worked with Alice Zaslavsky (author of In Praise of Veg) and Analiese Gregory (SBS A Girl’s Guide to Hunting, Fishing and Wild Cooking).

‘Food For Everyone has always been about creating connections through food which is two-fold in this collection by bringing artists into the mix and bridging new communities,’ says Gemma.

‘My hope for this collection is to continue the creative rapport between food and art that Food For Everyone has built, and show how fluid the language of food is.’

With the sale of each poster, Food For Everyone donates 10 meals to charity partner, SecondBite.

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