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'A Midsummer's Night' In Rome With Artist Allie Webb

The emerging linocut aritst presents an exhibition of tableaux and vignettes capturing balmy Italian evenings.

Sally Tabart
12th of March 2019

‘A warm evening in Rome, the city full of lively bustle. The pleasures of eating, there is no rush.’

Sydney-based linocut printmaker Allie Webb has focussed her most recent solo show around memories of a recent trip to Italy, the relaxed ambience of balmy nights providing endless fodder for inspiration. A Midsummer’s Night at China Heights gallery in Surry Hills ‘celebrates modern daily life, with a focus around the dining table’, Allie explains, ‘it is the combination of observing relationships, symbolism found in objects, and the many rituals associated with food’.

The bold, graphic prints feature vignettes that offer an insight into the artist’s quiet moments of observation and snapshots of her dining table! Bottles of Campari sit alongside a packet of Camel cigarettes and halved pieces of fruit, a woman’s head is silhouetted in front of the arches of the Coliseum, and a tantalising bowl of pasta and meatballs with fork poised takes up an entire frame.

Drawing stylistic inspiration from German Expressionism, Pop, and Memento Mori artwork, Allie blends these everyday scenes with the traditional printmaking technique to create something that feels at once nostalgic and contemporary.

A Midsummer’s Night by Allie Webb
March 15th to 23rd
China Heights Gallery 
16/28 Foster Street
Surry Hills
Sydney, Australia

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