Photo – 'The Butterfly House' courtesy of the Victorian State Library.

Inside Some Of Australia's Most Significant Modernist Houses With Tim Ross

A new live performance combining film and comedy, Designing a Legacy explores the lives shaped inside the walls of these modern masterpieces.

Sasha Gattermayr
25th of February 2020

Comedian, self-proclaimed Australian design aficionado and longtime TDF friend, Tim Ross, is back on the local radar with a new live performance show investigating the lasting personal effects of architecture. The 70 minute hybrid comedic lecture/film screening travels to some of Australia’s most legacy-filled architectural masterpieces and meets the families who lived inside them.

Tim weaves together the interconnected films with feature interviews, archive footage, unpublished photographs and live anecdotes to create a cinematic investigation of Australia’s most significant modernist houses. The show offers a rare chance to glimpse inside the private houses designed by Australian icons like Robin Boyd, Esmond Dorney, John Andrews and Ken Woolley.

‘The key theme of Designing a Legacy is the idea that great architecture can elevate us all,’ Tim explains. ‘It also reminds us that the things that make a property rich are not measured in dollars and cents, but in experience, and in the way they make us feel.’

Underpinning the legacy of these iconic houses is the impetus towards preservation. ‘If we value and preserve our best buildings, we’re not just thinking sentimentally, but sustainably as well,’ Tim adds. And by meeting the people who built family homes from these buildings, the desire to protect the landmark houses and keep their design legacies alive is the lifeblood that pumps through the whole performance.

The show will premiere at Melbourne Design Week in March before travelling around the country with performances at cultural institutions in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Perth and the Sunshine Coast.

Tickets are on sale now, they can be purchased here.

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