Photo from 'Design Lives Here' by Penny Craswell.

'Design Lives Here' Takes You Inside Other People's Houses, From The Comfort Of Your Own

Sick of the inside of your own house by now? Take look at someone else’s in this new book by the former editor of Artichoke magazine.

Sasha Gattermayr
31st of March 2020

If there’s one thing The Design Files knows for sure, it’s that Australia has a unique, distinct design scene worth talking about. Former editor of Artichoke magazine, Penny Craswell, knows that too, so she wrote an entire book dedicated to showcasing the country’s distinctive modern style.

Design Lives Here illuminates showstopping residential Australian architecture and interiors while guiding the reader through the key players and designers at work in the local industry today. From furniture-makers like Jardan to lighting designer Henry Wilson, architects to interior designers, Craswell gives us a sweeping tour of the country’s modern design industry through the lens of its homes.

But she doesn’t stop short at glossy pictures of beautiful houses, instead devoting her page space to explaining how the concept of storytelling feeds into visual and functional design. ‘The interior design of a home is constructed from these object stories,’ she points out, describing how the meaning of these stories evolve over time as homes are lived in and the things inside them change.

Design Lives Here lends equal weight to the houses and the objects inside them, binding them in narrative with the craftspeople that united them!

Design Lives Here is published by Thames & Hudson and was released today. Pick up a copy here!

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