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Coco Flip’s New Collection Is A Celebration Of Australian Craftsmanship

Combining timber, glass, and ceramics, Honey is a collaborative feat!

Sally Tabart
14th of March 2019

Bringing together the skills of timber crafter Charles Sanford, glass artist Amanda Dziedzic, and Bendigo Pottery, Coco Flip’s new Honey collection is a celebration of Australian artisanship. ‘We see each component in the collection as a little artwork of its own,’ says Kate Stokes, founder of Coco Flip, of the timber, glass and ceramic elements of the fixtures, ‘together they form a functioning light with a beautifully soft, ambient glow.’

A pendant light, table lamp, and wall sconce make up this sculptural lighting collection, taking its cues from the shape of a honey dipper and ‘the fluidity and viscosity of honey itself,’ explains Kate. A nod to Art Deco sensibilities is reflected in the contours and geometry, adding a sense of nostalgia to the contemporary silhouettes.

Comprised of a slip cast ceramic (offered raw or in a range of glazes) or American white oak in Japan black or Nordic white (paired with white or pink hand blown glass), Honey is a true collaborative feat. ‘We so often don’t think about how things are made or by whom,’ Kate says. ‘Honey is a celebration of Melbourne’s local artisans and the materials and processes they work with.’

You can see Honey in the flesh Modern Times as part of their ‘Material Thought’ exhibition for Melbourne Design Week, featuring new work by Steelotto, Nicolette Johnson, Christopher Boots, Henry Wilson, Ebony Heidenreich, Maddie Sharrock, Studio ac-s, Alterfact, and Coco Flip.

Honey is available to purchase online now!

Material Thought group exhibition 
March 14th-24th 
Modern Times
311 Smith Street
Fitzroy, Melbourne

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