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CAP Announces Major New Plans To Protect Collingwood's Creative Legacy

The once-abandoned building promises a hopeful future for the neighborhood!

Sally Tabart
10th of April 2019

Collingwood has changed a lot over the past decade. The once-affordable neighborhood has come up against the tension of rapid development, forcing many community spaces to shut down and threatening irreversible changes to the future. Set back from the iconic Keith Haring mural on Johnson street, The Collingwood Arts Precinct (CAP) is literally perfect placed to protect the area’s creative legacy.

CAP have recently announced new plans for a community courtyard, offering respite from the densely populated surrounds, as well as an exciting list of new tenants that embody the suburb’s creative spirit. Some of the city’s most-loved creative businesses will move in with current tenants: PBS 106.7FM, The Music Market, and the annual Bank of Melbourne Residency on the Collingwood site.

The new residents on the Collingwood site include Australian Indigenous rapper Adam Briggs’ record label Bad Apples Music; artist-run art organisation Bus Projects; makers and distributors of music-inspired artwork Reverb Prints; not-for-profit financial and administrative creative community management organisation Auspicious Arts Projects; and not-for-profit fashion educators, retailers, and manufacturers supporting young people from refugee backgrounds The Social Studio. Such an epic lineup of community-focused creatives!

‘The Collingwood Arts Precinct will be home to a diverse mix of exceptional artists and arts organisations across music, visual arts and social enterprise. It will be a true creative hub and a vital part of the Collingwood community and Melbourne’s creative community,’ said CAP CEO Marcus Westbury.

Although the project is funded, CAP is still searching for partners to help realise the courtyard to its full potential. With constructions due to finish at the end of 2019, we can’t wait to see how these new developments affect the neighborhood!

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