Artwork by Bianca Slade. Photo by Georgina Egan.

Artwork by Daniel Paul Peterson. Photo by Georgina Egan.

Bison Art Is A New Online Gallery Championing Emerging Australian Artists

Bison Art is your new online destination for exclusive, affordable, and limited edition original art (where most artworks are under $1000!)

Amelia Barnes
20th of July 2023

Analisa Flaherty knows the challenges of sourcing unique and original artwork at an affordable price, after many years working in artist representation, interior styling, and visual merchandising.

She founded Bison Art to address this gap in the market. The new online art gallery discovers and platforms a deliberately small group of artists, with artworks sold via Bison Art’s website.

The price point of most works is under $1000, with several works below $500, offering customers the chance to purchase original art at a more affordable price point than most traditional galleries.

Among Bison Art’s artists are:

Bison Art also represents Ben Randall, Bianca Slade, Elena Strohfeldt, Jane Sankey, Kai Hagberg, Kate Rogers, Scott Ruzzene, and Zelia Ranger.

Analisa Flaherty says each work has ‘something’ — an innate presence, a memory, a hope, a visceral representation of Australia’s natural world, or simply an abstract wonder.

The rich diversity of Bison Art works encompasses both contemporary trends — native flora and fauna, overblown flowers, pastels, inspirational works, powerful realism — and classic styles.

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