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Ben Waters Unveils His Latest Solo Show, ‘Landscapes Within’

See Ben Waters’ latest solo show of captivating landscapes at Balgowlah’s Sydney Road Gallery, open now!

Sarah Hendriks
30th of September 2022

Ben Waters’ latest exhibition of 15 thought-provoking landscapes is now on at  Sydney Road Gallery in Balgowlah, Sydney.  

Landscapes Within’ is a captivating showcase of Ben’s enduring connection and interest in nature as a source of inspiration.

For this collection, Ben explored the stunning landscapes on Barrenjoy Headland and its Pittwater surrounds; the snowy mountain areas of Perisher and Charlotte Pass; and the sun capped hills on Lord Howe Island. Yet, what sets Ben’s landscapes apart is not necessarily their geographical accuracy, but rather his thoughtful interpretation of their topography.

Ben explains, ‘The focus of these works is predominantly observation, memory, experience and imagination… As I paint, I often find my observations of the spaces around me begin to change and I start to think about my experience within those places.’ 

During his creative process Ben reflects on his time within these landscapes; what he was thinking during these moments, what the weather was like, who he was with, what his emotional reaction was – all of which help inform his decisions about how each painting will come together. 

In fact, the name of the show; ‘Landscapes Within’, explains it perfectly. ‘These landscapes are represented by my time spent within them,’ Ben says. 

‘I am still there, even when I have physically left. I can almost feel the landscape in my mind, it means I can return to it time and time again.’ 

Landscapes Within by Ben Waters
Thursday September 29 – Sunday October 16, 2022
Sydney Road Gallery
451 Sydney Road, Balgowlah NSW 2093

Supported by Sydney Road Gallery

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