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See Dazzling Floral Displays In ‘Art of Bloom’ At NGV!

NGV’s Great Hall has been transformed into a blooming display by Australia’s best floral creatives!

Bea Taylor
4th of May 2023

For two days only, the Great Hall at NGV has been overhauled into a floral wonderland for ‘Art of Bloom’, presented by the NGVWA (National Gallery Women’s Association). 

Australia’s best floral creatives have interpreted NGV artworks acquired with funds raised by the NGVWA over the past 60 years in a spectacular show of petals. 

Florist Steven Gabriel Maccora was inspired by Orazio Gentileschi’s painting, ‘The Mocking of Christ,’ to create a ghostly robe of deep red flowers. While Acid Flwrs’ Claire Mueller invites guests into a world of hyper colour with a stunning display of phalaenopsis orchids in a blue, pink and orange marble effect against a dichroic acrylic mirror.

Visitors will also see works from Alchemy Orange, Flowers Vasette, XFlos, Amanda Dziedzic, Sour Sunflower, Victoria Whitelaw – and so many more – with art direction by Amanda Henderson of Gloss Creative. 

This blossoming display will only be open today and tomorrow (May 4-5), with all ticket proceeds going to support art acquisition at NGV. 

‘Art of Bloom’
Great Hall, NGV
Thursday, May 4, 10am-5pm, 7pm-9pm
Friday, May 5, 10am-5pm 

Purchase tickets here! 

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