Image – 'Base/Fold' (left) 'Bone Slant' (right) by Mason Kimber.

Preserving Relics Of Personal Histories

Sydney-based artist Mason Kimber travels to the Phillipines for his new body of sculptural works, Slanted Mansions. 

Ashley Simonetto
19th of September 2018

Exploring the intersection of place, time and space in relation to memory,  artist Mason Kimber recalls the physical sites of his past, excavating tangible memories to create his work.

For the works in his new exhibition Slanted Mansions, Mason travelled with Manila with his Filipina partner, who spent part of her childhood in the country. In an effort to gain deeper insight into her early history, the couple visited sites significant to her fading memories of this time, many of the buildings themselves in dilapidated states.

Taking silicone impressions of these built surfaces in Manila, as well as his own Sydney studio environment, Mason completed a ritual of casting, breaking and reassembling the pieces, preserving these fragmented relics in textured, layered slabs. Each work contains an important piece of personal history – literally!

Mason graduated with a Master of Fine Art Painting from the Sydney’s National Art School in 2013 and has been awarded prestigious residencies in both Italy and Sydney. Most recently, he was a finalist for to 2018 Geelong Contemporary Art Prize, and is currently an artist in residence at Waverley Artists Studios.

Slanted Mansions by Mason Kimber
September 21st to October 13th 
137 Bayswater Road
Rushcutters Bay, New South Wales

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