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Bec Smith's Cameo Role

A new solo exhibition exploring the beauty in impermanence.

Sally Tabart
20th of November 2018

Melbourne-based artist Bec Smith looks to change and transition for her latest solo show, Cameos, at Saint Cloche gallery in Sydney. In a muted pastel palette, Bec’s signature geometric shapes reveal her background as a designer, and at the same time explore how balancing parenthood, work and creativity have impacted her identity.

‘When I became pregnant with my son, the way I saw myself began to change: the more people asked after my baby rather than my myself or my work the more my identity fragmented,’ Bec tells, ‘Once my son was born… things that once mattered no longer did, while others simply became part of the new.’

Bec mediates on these life changes as transitions – fleeting forms of herself, until the next inevitable shift, and Cameos sees the impermanent moments captured on canvas.

Cameos by Bec Smith
November 20th – December 2nd
Saint Cloche Gallery
37 Macdonald Street
Paddington, New South Wales

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