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ACCA’s Explosive New Program Of Reality-Warping Works

The first pieces commissioned by The Macfarlane Fund supporting emerging artists to create career-defining works.

Ashley Simonetto
10th of December 2018

Melbourne’s Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) has announced their newest major program of immersive installation, media and performance works, The Theatre Is Lying. Curated by ACCA artistic director Max Delany and senior curator Annika Kristensen, these pieces are the first of the Macfarlane Commissions, featuring five ambitious works created by leading contemporary artists.

Presenting works that straddle the boundaries of reality and illusion, the ensemble of artists featured in this year’s commissions hail from Australia to Venezuela. Artists Anna Breckon & Nat Randall, Sol Calero, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Matthew Griffin and Daniel Jenatsch warp perceptions time and space to explore conspiracy theories, red herrings, smoke and mirrors, espionage and spy dramas, and the representations and misrepresentations of cinema and media.

Established in 2017, The Macfarlane Commissions is a new philanthropic endeavor from The Macfarlane Fund with the primary objective to provide financial support to assist artists in creating their works. Commissions will occur biennially for a period of six years, where five emerging artists will be given the opportunity to create a new large-scale work featured as a major project in ACCA’s exhibition program.

The Theatre is Lying, the inaugural Macfarlane Commissions
Curated by Max Delany and Annika Kristensen
December 15th 2018 – March 24th 2019
Tuesday – Friday, 10am-5pm
Weekend, 11am-5pm
111 Sturt Street
Southbank, Victoria

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