How To Create A Cocooning Autumnal Bedroom Retreat

As the days grow shorter and the mornings crisper, there’s nothing like turning into a wonderfully welcoming bedroom, draped in autumnal-inspired hues and textures, to feel a little less sad about the turning of the season.

Interior decorator Lauren Egan shares her top tips for creating a bedroom you wont want to leave with toasty colours, interesting shapes, plenty of texture — plus a few of her favourite furniture picks.

Lauren Egan

Interior decorator Lauren Egan. Photo – Supplied

‘Don’t be scared of doing something unexpected like opting for a fire engine red bedside table… Just the right amount of weird always works wonders.’

— Lauren Egan

Hamilton House by Lauren Egan. Ethnicraft Oak Spindle Queen Bed from Trit House. Photo – Glenn Hester

Hamilton House by Lauren Egan. Ethnicraft Oak Spindle Queen Bed and Ethnicraft Oak Spindle Bedside Table from Trit House. Photo – Glenn Hester

Hamilton House by Lauren Egan. Ethnicraft Oak Spindle Queen Bed from Trit House. Photo – Glenn Hester

Painting ‘Nothing On The Table’ by Georgia Spain from Egg & Dart, and sourced by AM Art Projects. Photo – Maree Homer. Styling – Kerrie-Ann Jones. Design – Duet

Interiors – Tali Roth. Styling – Joseph Gardner. Photo – Lillie Thompson.

Home of and design by Sarah Shinners. Dulux ‘Gold Dust’ wall paint. Lamp and side table are both vintage finds from Jolie Laide. Rug from West Elm. Bedhead made by Sarah using fabric from Unique Fabrics and The Fabric Store. Curtains by Esenar. Art by Sarah. Ceramics on bedside table from The Coburg Pottery Collective, storage dishes from HAY. Purple sheets from Kip&Co, and olive from In Bed. Incense holder by Tantri Mustika. Wall sculpture by Natalie Rosin gifted to Sarah for her 30th birthday. Photo – Dylan James. Styling – Sarah Shinners

Yasmine Ghoniem’s Bondi apartment. Custom joinery by YSG made by Xpert joinery in Porter’s Paint Biscotti. Kartell Bedside table from Space. ‘Revised Ovington’ lamp from Space. Custom made bedhead by Materialized with vintage fabric from Cheesoon and Fitzgerald. Bed linen by Major Minor from the DEA store. Pillows by Jardan. Floral bolster custom made by YSG for the NGV installation and made by Think Positive. Stansborough wool throw from DEA store. Custom made blinds by Solice. Sunset textiles made by Think Positive for the NGV Installation by YSG. Vintage tapestry artwork on floor from Rudi Rocket.Artwork on wall ‘Barrier Highway, Cobar NSW’ by Robert Gray. Photo – Prue Ruscoe. Styling – Felicity Ng

Lauren Egan
4th of April 2024

I love creating layered, colourful interiors where there is a sense of harmony.

It’s something that works particularly well in the bedroom, where warm cocooning hues meet luxurious textures, to create a space that envelops you in comfort. Here I share my top tips to achieving this look:

Toasty colour. The weather is starting to turn with the leaves, but golden summer afternoons linger into autumn. Embrace those warm, spice tones and keep it toasty. Yellow greens, putty pinks, deep browns, magentas and maybe a drop of red sets the mood for the space.

Balancing Textures. Texture is the secret to making the space feel organic, natural and relaxed. But not everything should be heavily textured. To create interest and a touch of tension, balance a heavily textured armchair with a glossy side table or a textured bed with a metallic light fitting, to create a sense of balance in the space.

Nature. If you’re not sure where to start with a colour palette, just head out for a stroll to find some inspiration from the colours and textures that work together in nature. It might be a cul de sac full of deciduous trees that are turning brown, or a crisp morning that gets you pulling on a woolly jumper.

Unexpected moments. Don’t be scared of doing something unexpected like opting for a fire engine red bedside table, or buying a piece of art that challenges you and always seems to draw the eye. It only takes a couple of unexpected moments in a room to create interest and a sharp focal point that keeps things fun and interesting. Just the right amount of weird always works wonders!

Shape. Again, use shape to create contrast and interest. Juxtapose rounded objects with more boxy shapes, and seek out organic shapes that make you feel relaxed and connected. I particularly love objects that you can see have been made by hand, which I find far more enduring than objects that are machine produced. A piece like the gourd basket from Pan After is a fun way to connect the space to the autumn pumpkin season, without having a pumpkin in your room (that’s a bit too weird).

Additional moodboard credits (from left): Curtains from James Dunlop. Organic gourd basket from Pan After. Linen sheets from Cultiver. Cushions from Cult. Hybrid 1 Sculpture by Kate Tucker from Daine Singer. Red ceramic cup from Pan After. Painting by Ash Leslie. Turkana Milk Pail from Pan After. 

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