A Gorgeous Gingham Collaboration From I Love Linen + Ceramicist Tantri Mustika

We love when local legends team up, especially when the pairing is slightly surprising. In a beautiful combination of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ homewares, Queensland-based label I Love Linen has worked with Melbourne ceramicist Tantri Mustika on a wishlist-worthy gingham collection.

The new limited-edition incense burner and bedside dish feature Tantri’s signature marbled clay in tiny, handcrafted checks to match the brand’s new charcoal gingham textiles range!

Christina Karras

I Love Linen’s new charcoal gingham fabric is now available in their best-selling French linen bedding and dining ranges.

Tantri and I Love Linen creative director Lauren Roe.

The two ceramic pieces showcase Tantri’s take on the brand’s new gingham textiles!

The delicate bedside plate in progress.

The collaboration has been six months in the making.

Christina Karras
12th of July 2023

I Love Linen and Tantri Mustika have collaborated on a special release of ceramic trinkets that are perfect for your bedside table.

The collaboration comes in celebration of the bedding brand’s new charcoal gingham fabric that’s available in their best-selling French linen bedding and dining ranges.

‘When I was designing our new charcoal gingham fabric, I was very intent on creating a ceramics product inspired by the design and I recalled some black-and-white check work Tantri had done,’ I Love Linen creative director Lauren Roe says.

In the six months since, the duo worked together on two limited-edition pieces, a delicate incense burner and bedside plate!

Detailed checks across the ceramics showcase Tantri’s distinctive marbled clay technique, which sees her painstakingly cut out each square to create a matching pattern that complements I Love Linen cute new textile, in what Lauren calls a beautiful combination of ‘soft and hard’ homewares.

‘I think that as designers we’re passionate about textures, print and colour and so being able to work across the two mediums is super fun. I think that there is also a rawness associated with linen fabric that aligns itself so beautifully with a considered ceramic piece,’ she adds.

Both pieces were designed to be an elegant addition to your space, whether that’s lighting the incense at the end of a long day or using the dish at your next dinner party.

The ceramics are available in a strictly limited edition run, handcrafted by Tantri in her Melbourne studio. It also means no two pieces are the same!

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