A Serene Architectural Getaway Overlooking Vineyards In Central Victoria

Guests to the Heathcote wine region will be lining up to stay at Barfold Estate’s beautiful new boutique accommodation, the Winemaker’s Shed; a luxurious architecturally designed guest cabin perched above the vines on the 100-acre farm.

With serene interiors by Layan Architecture, a generous free-standing bath with views out to the landscape, and a roaring double-sided fireplace, this new accommodation offering is the area’s best kept secret – for now!

Bea Taylor

The lounge and daybed are nestled into a little alcove. Photo – Victor Vieaux.

A palette of soft, neutral colours compliments Barfold Estate’s beautiful surroundings. Photo – Victor Vieaux.

Eventually, the untreated reclaimed wood exterior will silver to blend in with the eucalypts. Photo – Victor Vieaux.

A generously sized king bed is separated from the lounge by a double-sided fireplace! Photo – Victor Vieaux.

The entrance into one of the guest suites. Photo – Victor Vieaux.

The fully equipped kitchen is ready for you to cook up a storm! Photo – Victor Vieaux.

The raked ceiling and walls are clad in American Oak plywood. Photo – Victor Vieaux.

The best views from the free-standing bath! Photo – Victor Vieaux.

Plywood walls continue through to the bedroom. Photo – Victor Vieaux.

The ensuite! Photo – Victor Vieaux.

Photo – Victor Vieaux.

Layan was responsible for the architectural design and the interior design. Photo – Victor Vieaux.

The two guest suites sit side by side and are in fact mirror layouts of each other. Photo – Victor Vieaux.

The exterior is clad in untreated, reclaimed wood. Photo – Victor Vieaux.

The boutique accommodation looks out over a pond and onto the vines. Photo – Victor Vieaux.

Bea Taylor
11th of August 2022

The tale of how this boutique accommodation was brought to life starts – most appropriately – with a glass of wine among friends.

Sandra Aitken, winemaker, viticulturist and owner of Barfold Estate explains; ‘One of my primary motives was to have more space for family to come and visit. I mentioned this to our neighbours Johannes Hart [of Layan Architecture] and his partner Fabian over a drink one weekend. And, not long after, we had dreamed up a plan to share the luxuries of Barfold Estate with others.’

The ‘Winemakers Shed’ sits perched above a pond, overlooking the rows of Shiraz, Cabernet, Sauvignon and ‘one cheeky Chardonnay vine, which found its way into our rootstock when planting,’ on the 100-acre estate.

‘The vision was to provide absolute comfort, surrounded by modern design that is respectful of, and complimentary to the surrounding beauty of the natural environment,’  Sandra says.

Johannes and the team at Layan took inspiration from the working farm sheds already existing on the estate to inform the design of the cabin. The exterior, which is clad in reclaimed, untreated timber, will gradually silver with age to blend in with the surrounding silver trunks of the eucalypts.

Inside, the raked ceiling creates a generous, lofty space, which, with the warmth from the American Oak plywood walls, feels snug rather than sparse. A carefully considered palette of polished concrete, natural timber, glass, tile and tonal furnishings complete the look – resulting in a space that captures a sense of  Japanese-inspired minimalism, with a generous dose of Scandinavian ‘hygge‘ thrown in too!

The luxury cabin consists of two large guest suites (which can be booked either together or as seperate, self contained rooms), each featuring a dining and kitchen area, a lounge with a daybed, a divine free-standing bath, and an en-suite bathroom, as well as a generous bed that’s separated from the living area by a central, double-sided fireplace.

‘It’s a place where guests can come and feel they are experiencing something that is connected, honest and humble in its surroundings,’ says Johannes.

If they’re lucky, guests can also experience a wine tasting with Sandra, explore the property, walk among the vines, pick herbs from the native and continental herb gardens, relax in the free-standing bath while watching the ducks in the pond, or read a book by the roaring double-sided fire.

‘Barfold Estate is so peaceful and relaxing,” say Sandra. ‘In the hour before sunset on a clear, sunny day, the eucalypts reflect the sunlight striking their leaves and the foliage starts to sparkle. It’s truly a natural wonder.’

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